Winter in Trøndelag

Experience local activities, exciting winter adventures, and look forward to a season where you explore Trøndelag from new perspectives. Plan your winter in Trøndelag with our key tips here!


Namdalen. foto: marius rua

Unique places to stay

Unique places to stay

Explore the essence of Trøndelag through unique accomodations. Stay the night in unique lodgings, rustic forest cabins or modern fjord-side retreats.

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Five winter experiences

Snowmobile safari in Røros

Explore the snow-covered landscapes of Røros with an exciting snowmobile safari. Guided tours take you through the snowy nature of Røros and give you a taste of winter action.

Ice fishing on Selbu lake

Try your luck with ice fishing on Lake Selbu. Trøndelag’s ice-covered lakes are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. Set up a warm camp, drill a hole in the ice, and enjoy while you wait for the fish to bite. PS. You might need to be a bit patient.

Norway Husky Adventure

A great way to see more of Trøndelag for those who like speed and excitement. Imagine, you get to see more of Trøndelag’s nature and meet cute dogs—what could be better?

Northern lights safari in Namdalen

With little light pollution, the dark winter evenings give you a good chance to experience the spectacular northern lights. Put on warm clothes; you might have to wait a bit for the magic!

Winter kayaking on the Nidelva river

For those seeking a unique winter experience, try winter paddling on the Nidelva River. Dress warmly and experience the city from the water while enjoying the fresh winter air.

Historical sites to explore

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