Visit Værnes

Værnes is so much more than a transport hub. If you venture outside the airport, you will soon discover that new adventures are just a stone’s throw away!

The Værnes region stretches through the valleys in Tydal and Selbu, from the ski destination Meråker through Stjørdal and to Trondheim’s kitchen garden on the Frosta peninsula. This region is packed with unforgettable nature-based experiences, history and food adventures (that will give you a taste for more).

Authentic nature-based experiences

Are you dreaming of catching your next big fish or looking for an adrenaline rush? If so, the Værnes region can fulfil your dreams.

In Selbu, you will find the Nea, one of the best trout fishing rivers in Northern Europe (according to some, at least). The chances are high here that you will feel the kick when a big trout bites on your hook. If you prefer salmon fishing, you should head to Meråker. The adventure company Meråker Brug offers cabin rentals and guided hunting and fishing trips. You should see if the fish are biting in the Stjørdal river, which stretches from Stjørdal to Meråker, and is considered one of best salmon fishing rivers in Norway.


Did you start reading this article because of the local food experiences? Keep reading. A bit further down you will get several tips for tasty activities.


There are several ways to get your heart pumping a little extra. If you fear heights, this might not be your cup of tea unless you love a challenge? Meråker is the site of one of Norway’s largest climbing parks: Rypetoppen Adventure Park. Surrounded by beautiful nature in the Teveldalen valley, Rypetoppen has 22 trails, two of which are via ferrata. Do you accept the challenge?

Those who prefer more contact with the ground will find exciting adventures just a short drive from Rypetoppen. Norway Husky Adventure and Meråkerfjell Ridesenter will gladly take you on a nature-based experience involving animals. At both places, experienced guides who known the local area well will take you on an unforgettable experience – and you may learn a thing or two about the animals and the local area at the same time.


Lower your pulse rate!

Fortunately, slower paces activities are also available in the Værnes region. You will find your resting pulse in the region’s beautiful and easily accessible nature. Put on your hiking boots (or your skis in wintertime) and set off on marked hiking/skiing trails or simply follow your heart. Fjords, forests and mountain peaks await you year-round here, depending on what you want to experience.

If you are looking for a journey through time and space, you can wander along the beautiful pilgrimage route. These historic paths have led pilgrims through the countryside on their way to Nidaros since the 11th century. They have now been restored and attract people to wander through the Sylan protected landscape and the Neadalen valley.

A wide range of nature-based experiences await you in Skarvan and Roltdalen National Park, which stretches across the municipalities of Selbu, Meråker and Tydal. Find routes suitable for your level and take advantage of the network of well-marked hiking trails and tourist cabins. You can also explore a piece of Trøndelag’s history. Owing to iron extraction and millstones, there was permanent settlement in this area in the 18th and 19th centuries. You will spot one millstone quarry after another in some parts of the national park.

If you are you looking for mighty mountain peaks, then Sylan could be your dream destination. During the winter, it’s time to swap your hiking boots for skis or a snowboard because alpine slopes, cross-country trails and powder snow await you.


PS: Remember to dress for the fickle Trøndelag weather and follow the Norwegian mountain code.

Local food at its best

Hungry? Make a side trip to Trondheim’s kitchen garden – the chefs’ favourite “secret” place – where green and colourful temptations abound. Another option is to enjoy the flavours at eateries that display a real passion for locally sourced ingredients and sit around the table with world-class food producers.

Did you start reading this article because of the local food experiences? Keep reading. A bit further down you will get several tips for tasty activities.


A cultural journey

In Selbu, locals knit beautiful handicrafts featuring the Selbu star – Norway’s most famous knitting pattern. You can learn about the history of Selbu knitting at the Selbu Folk Museum and buy hand-knitted mittens at the sales outlet of the handicraft association Selbu Husflid. You can also taste perhaps Norway’s best chocolate at chocolatier “Jentene på Tunet”, which has been delivering chocolate treats around Norway since 2015. You are welcome at the farm café, which serves freshly made chocolate straight from the factory. A 20-minute drive from the chocolate factory, you can hear about the emigration from Selbu to America at the farm Granby Gård.

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