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In comparison with the geological era, human time pales into insignificance. Most things are put into perspective by the majestic mountains and vast plateaus.

There is rarely enough time. We become impatient and fill up our holidays and days off. We have so much to do. Although time does not stand still in Oppdal and Rennebu either, you can really appreciate the human impermanence in the face of the slow passage of time. Every moment counts.

The majestic Dovrefjell mountains

The 40,000 or so sheep that graze in the mountain areas every year do a very good job of maintaining the network of hiking trails. Snøhetta is the highest mountain in the Dovrefjell range, and each summer several thousand hikers conquer the highest summit, Stortoppen (2286 m above sea level). A short walk from the E6 highway will bring you to perhaps the world’s most elaborate heated shelter, the Viewpoint Snøhetta. This award-winning building offers panoramic views of the magical mountain and, if you are lucky, you will spot the King of Dovre – the musk ox.

photo: marius rua

The home of the trolls

The Trollheimen mountain range is full of “friendly” peaks that rise to 1,800 m above sea level. The Trollheimen Triangle, which connects the cabins of Jøldalshytta, Trollheimshytta and Gjevilvasshytta, is one of Norway’s most popular hiking routes. It enables hikers of virtually every level to experience the magnificent and varied nature. A bonus in summer, you can take a break at the sandy beach of Rauøra in the Gjevilvassdalen valley. It’s an exotic place to have a refreshing swim before continuing your hik

photo: marius rua

Visit a summer mountain farm

Oppdal and Rennebu are also home to many summer mountain farming valleys. Allow time for a stop at one of the summer mountain farms selling fresh sour cream. Perhaps you will get to taste the milkmaid’s waffles.

photo: rørosmeieriet

photo: marius rua

Barnas Naturverden (The Children’s Natural World)

In the realm of the Jutul – north of the Dovre Mountains and east of Trollheimen – you will discover The Children’s Natural World, a whole universe for young hiking enthusiasts. To get there, catch a train to Berkåk or drive to Ulsberg.

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Pulse year-round

Take part in the popular Enern sports events in Oppdal, with races spanning skiing, cycling, vertical running and mountain marathon.


Sheep farming galore

Oppdal is the country’s largest sheep farming municipality, which is celebrated during the
Mountain and Mutton Festival (Fjell- og Fårikålfestivalen) in October.

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The tram lines of the mountain

With around 200 km of prepared cross-country ski trails in wonderful mountain terrain, you are assured of finding a ski trail nearby.

Book accomodations in Oppdal

If you are going to spend the night in Oppdal, you have many options. Here you will find everything from the large hotel chains to local homely hotels, as well as cabins and apartments.

Norway’s best ski area

Oppdal’s ski lift area is legendary. If you are searching for a varied ski destination where you can combine off-piste skiing with racing down groomed trails, acrobatics in the terrain park and powder fun in the forest, then head to Oppdal.

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photo: marius rua

photo: marius rua

Off-piste skiing

You will find everything from short ski treks to big adventures. Ski down snow-covered mountainsides where you risk getting powder snow in your moustache. Don’t forget the expansive mountain plateaus, where you can glide on your mountain skis across Snøhetta or Kringlehøa.

Ride in the mountains

This area offers cycling routes to suit every level: children, novices and experts. You will discover many marked trails, offering great trail-riding in wonderful mountain terrain.

photo: marius rua

photo: marius rua

Taste sensation

Food produced in Oppdal and Rennebu offers the taste of the mountain. Allow time for a gastronomic experience. Visit the Smak & Behag food hall or Bakeriet SPRØ, where Norway’s best bakers serve you delicious, freshly baked treats.

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