Tips for family holidays on the Fosen peninsula

Fosen is a picturesque region located in the heart of Norway, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and history that will captivate any traveler. Situated in the Trøndelag county, Fosen is nestled along the country’s stunning western coast, overlooking the majestic Trondheimsfjorden.


FOSEN. Photo: Marius Rua

1. A perfect base for a relaxing holiday with a view

Beautiful and traditional Hjellup Fjordbo is situated in Leksvika on the shores of the Trondheimsfjord. This is the place to enjoy peace, silence and wonderful views in the holiday houses on the water’s edge. You also have the option of staying in the Grinda cabin on a hill overlooking the fjord.

All roads at Hjellup Fjordbo lead to recreation. There are many options when it comes to exploring the area on foot or by bike. You are likely to have of a close-up experience with the area’s rich wildlife – on land and at sea – and you will meet the extremely social goats on the farm. Remember your camera in case you spot some great photo subjects?

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Leksvika. Photo: Marius Rua

Leksvik. Photo: Grande Landhandel

2. Authentic village shop in traditional surroundings

Nils Grande ran a cosy, small village shop in Leksvik his entire life. When he died in 1957, the shop closed and stood still for 30 years until a foundation took over in the 1980s. The historic village shop is open to visitors and appears just as it did when it closed in 1957.

When you visit Grande Landhandel in Leksvik, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and gain an insight into how an authentic village shop was run. The building also contains a photo museum.

3. Aquavit and ice cream at Reins Kloster

Few places in Trøndelag have such a rich and long a history as Reins Kloster at Rissa. It´s widely believed that the farm has been inhabited for long – perhaps for as long as 3,000 years.

The aquavit is made using local and organic ingredients, while the ice cream is made from organic milk produced in the farm’s own dairy factory. Regardless of what you are interested in, you won’t regret a trip to Reins Kloster.

rissa. Photo: Marius Rua

stadsbygd. Photo: Kystens Arv

4. Wooden boats and fish soup

Trøndelag has a rich and proud boat building tradition, which you can experience at the coastal heritage museum, Kystens Arv, in Stadsbygd. What makes this museum so unique is that it houses a working boatyard that builds traditional wooden boats to order.

The museum has a particular focus on sustainability. One of the exhibitions, “Boat and sustainability”, focuses on the boat’s place in the society and history of Trøndelag.

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5. “Fruene i fjøset”

When you visit the converted barn in Stadsbygd, you will soon discover that the focus is on fair trade, the environment and fashion. The family business run by Elizabeth has the catchy name “Fruene i fjøset” (The Madams in the Barn). They have a special focus on natural materials and sell a combination of well-known brands and locally produced goods, in addition to tasty treats in the café.

This is the place to relax with a cup of coffee and a book before buying a nice product that is good for you and the planet!

stadsbygd. Photo:

Fosen. Photo: W. Krause/

6. Enjoy a customised boat trip on the Trondheimsfjord

If you enjoy life on the water or have always dreamed of having a private skipper, then going on a boat trip with Skoglunds Fjord and Fishing Trips could be perfect for you.The trips are flexible and you can choose what you wish to do. If you would prefer to have the sun on your face, the wind in your hair and a nice drink in your glass this is perfect for you. The charter boat is based at Hasselvika, which is accessible by public transport (bus and express boat).

7. Fishing history and art in Råkvåg

Discover Råkvåg Gjestgiveri & Marina in idyllic Rakvåg. You can enjoy a nice meal and spend the night at this cosy inn by the fjord. You can go fishing if you wish or simply relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Råkvåg has a long and fascinating fishing history stretching for several centuries right up until the closure of the commercial fishing industry in the 1960s.

Råkvåg Gjestgiveri has a restaurant serving dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. If you are interested in art and coastal heritage, you can visit Bryggeutstillinga (the wharf exhibition) in Råkvåg, which is open most of the summer.

råkvåg. Photo: Marius Rua