The stunning Frøya archipelago

Experience unforgettable Frøya archipelago on the Trøndelag coast! Time passes slightly slower here and your heart will beat slightly harder. Art, culture, history and fishing await you here in addition to unique nature.


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Experience magical Halten – Island hopping and photo safari!

The island of Halten is situated in the north of the Frøya archipelago. Halten is in the Froan nature reserve and landscape protection area and is also protected pursuant to the Cultural Heritage Act.

Out here, you will get a close-up experience with intense nature, bare coastal rocks, waves washing over the skerries, minks and otters, flocks of cormorants drying their wings, eagles, geese and eider ducks, various species of seals and a wonderful fauna. Halten’s friendly host, Bjørn, serves dinner and dessert before taking you on a guided tour of the lighthouse, where an incredible view awaits you!

Immerse yourself in the history of Sula – “the village by the sea”.

The isolated fishing village of Sula had a variety of owners, right up to 1939. Visit the island’s museum to learn about life on Sula through the ages. You will experience many unique artefacts and stories.

We highly recommend going on a guided historical walking tour. Besides the fishing village museum, this fascinating tour includes Atelier Staangsund, the traditional boathouses, the unique driftwood and “message in a bottle” museum, Sula Church, the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper’s house. Sula is Frøya’s oldest church site and has status as a key place on the National Coastal Pilgrimage Route. Apart from during the summer holidays, Sula – situated out in the open sea – is a place where will find peace and tranquillity to listen to your heart, feelings and thoughts.


Island hopping and herb walk on Sula

This is a place you will want to return to again and again!

Hosts Tom and Evelyn refine the island’s herbs and wild plants. Specialties include raw juice made from rosebay willowherb, mead wort or crowberries and pesto made from nettles, ground elder and lovage.

You could also try health drinks made from stinging nettle, rose root or ginger, water kefir and kombucha, or sourdough bread made from organic flour baked in clay pots. Join us on a guided herb walk on Sula – the outermost island in the Frøya archipelago.


Foto: Per Erik Jæger/

Catching crabs and fishing at Frøya

Go on an archipelago safari, harvest from nature and enjoy slow living in the Frøya archipelago. Late summer and autumn are wonderful here on the Trøndelag coast. The warm light and silence are simply magical! This is a perfect time for diving and fishing experiences in the Frøya archipelago.

Late summer and early autumn are also a great time to harvest “gold” from the clear waters in the Frøya archipelago – cod, saithe (coalfish), scallops and halibut. Set your own crab pots, which is charmingly simple. Rent an open speedboat, known as an archipelago jeep, and combine fishing experiences with island hopping. Throughout the archipelago, you can experience charming coastal pubs and nice places to eat that serve locally caught food. Bring a group of friends to Mausund, Sula or Bogøya: Stay well, eat well, live well!

Lighthouse hopping in the Frøya archipelago

There is something extremely special about lighthouses along the Norwegian coast.

Few municipalities in the country have more lighthouses than Frøya. This comes as no surprise since Frøya has a 70 km long area of shoals, reefs, islets, skerries and islands. The lighthouse chain consists of Sletringen on Titran, Sula, Vingleia, Finnværet and Halten – the northernmost lighthouse.

Do you fancy lighthouse hopping from island to island, or maybe we can tempt you with an overnight stay in the Vingleia lighthouse near Mausund? You can also stay in the beautiful lighthouse keeper’s house out at Sula.

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