the coast

The coast of Trøndelag boasts a teeming bird and animal life, magical light conditions and a varied and beautiful landscape. You will discover a coastal culture with vibrant Communities where the basis of existence is in the sea. Local culinary traditions live on in tandem with the modern kitchen, and the residents of the coast are keen to share them

Ever since the 17th century, lighthouses have served to guide sailors safely along the coast and inshore. Many a dramatic story has played out along the coast, some ending in joy and others in tragedy.

Travel tips along the coast

Austrått in Ørland is one of Norway’s oldest manors, with a history dating back more than 1000 years. The former residents include Lady Ingerd, a significant personality in Norway during the Reformation, and a source of inspiration for a famous play by Henrik Ibsen.

Visit a modern fish farm and watch the salmon leaping in their pens on a quick, safe, and eventful guided boat trip from the Coastal Museum (Kystmuseet) at Sandstad, Hitra.

Out towards the open sea on Stokkøya is the wonderful Hosnasand and Stokkøya Beach Hotel with its distinctive architecture. Close by is Harbakhula, a huge natural rock cave in the mountain, offering a breathtaking view of the archipelago.

foto: jarle hagen

The golden chain

The archipelago north of Frøya is known as “gullrekka”, the Golden Chain. All the islands have their own special character and history, but still have in common the same coastal culture and the sea as their larder.

Explore the coastal landscape by bike. You will find one gem after the other in Rissa, from Stadsbygd and the coastal heritage museum (Kystens Arv) and up to Råkvåg, where the quayside warehouses house a fishery museum, art exhibition and several places to eat. Spend the night at a lighthouse with the open sea as your neighbour. Climbing to the top of the lighthouse tower offers a view for miles around.

fUGLEKASSEHYTTA. Foto: Ellen Homstad

Stokkøya Beach Hotel

Minimalist, modern and down to earth. Or should we say “down to sand”? Located on one of Norway’s finest sandy beaches, Stokkøya Beach Hotel offers a unique coastal experience!

Right at the end of a long and isolated road, the founders of the sea centre have built up a beachfront gem. You will find a variety of architecturally distinctive beach houses, not to mention a wonderful beach bar renowned for fantastic seafood.

This attracts a steady stream of Norwegians and tourists from every corner of the globe. Whether you are attracted by a relaxing weekend in an idyllic setting with the indescribable tranquillity and views of the beach bar or activities like sea kayaking, wind surfing and swimming, you are unlikely to find a better spot than Stokkøya.

Find accomodations in the coast

If you are going to stay the night at the coast, you have many options. Here you will find everything from the large hotel chains to cozy local hotels, as well as cabins and apartments.

Things to do in the coast

If you’re planning to spend your day at the coast, you’ll have a wide range of exciting activities to choose from. Trondheim offers a variety of experiences, from exploring historical sites, shopping, enjoying outdoor adventures and some realy great food.

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