5 Ski tours in Oppdal

While Oppdal and winter are probably most associated with the many wonderful slopes at Oppdal Ski Centre, Oppdal is also a fantastic base for cross-country skiing.


Ski trip in the mountains in Oppdal / PHOTO: Sigbjørn Frengen

Winter in Oppdal

As Trøndelag’s #1 winter sports destination. Oppdal is surrounded by more than 100 km of ski trails ranging from demanding long treks to shorter family-friendly options that even the youngest ones can manage. With the village of Oppdal as your base, virtually all the trails in the area are easily accessible.

Five cross-country ski trips in Oppdal

Below we present five selected ski trips in Oppdal, ranging from long and demanding ski treks to the easy and family-friendly options.

The area between Grytdalsskaret, Storhøa, Grythatten and Rimolsætra is a nice, open and easy area for hiking in summer and cross-country skiing in winter. There are many idyllic spots along the Hestbekken stream on the way up to Småtta and you will be rewarded with nice views when you reach Grythatten. This route is suitable for young and old skiers/hikers alike. This area is close to Rennebu municipality.

With terrain and trails suitable for every level, Grøtsætra is a popular place for cross-country skiing in winter. Grøtsætra is the starting point for beautiful ski trips to the Gjevilvassdalen valley, Skarvatnet lake and the nice mountain area between the two valleys. The route we present is up to Bårdsfjell. This small mountain is on the ridge between Skarvatnet lake and the Gjevilvassdalen valley. When you reach the top, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and valleys. The route is relatively easy and even the youngest ones can accompany you – in a sled, on your back or on skis.

Kråkvasstinden (Sandåhøa) is situated between Kråkvatnet lake in the south and the Sandådalen valley in the north. Owing to old cirque glaciers, the northern face of the mountain is steep. Kråkvasstinden is easily accessible from both the east and west. This is quite a long and demanding ski trek. In addition to the sense of achievement reaching the summit and delight at the wonderful views from the top, you will be excited by the real challenge skiing down again.

This is a relatively easy and straightforward summit ski climb that gives a lot in return for your effort. Consequently, this is a favourite among those visiting the Storlidalen valley and Trollheimen mountain range for the first time. When you reach the summit you will be able to see most of the mountains in the Trollheimen mountain range and on fine days you will even be able to see the island of Munkholmen in Trondheim. This is a nice route year-round – either on skis or on foot, depending on the season.

The trip from Storli to the Tovatna lakes is an easy trip that leads you into wonderful nature with lakes and high mountains on all sides. This is an ideal trip for families who enjoy walking/skiing gently uphill. You can either carry the youngest ones on your back or in a trailer/sled. Depending on the season, it’s also popular among those who enjoy  cycling in the mountains or fishing in mountain lakes. Naturally, it’s also a nice and easy cross-country ski trip during winter and spring. If you have an urge to venture in steep mountains, there are many opportunities here for wonderful ski touring and summit ski climbs.

Find accomodations in oppdal

If you are going to stay the night in Oppdal, you have many options. Here you will find everything from the large hotel chains to cozy local hotels, as well as cabins and apartments.