Road trip in Trøndelag

If you go a road trip to explore Trøndelag, you can experience culture, history and exciting activities in places like Trondheim, Røros, Tydal, Selbu and Stjørdal.



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Day 1: Trondheim

Trondheim, in central Norway, offers history, culture, and natural beauty. Visit Nidaros Cathedral, explore Bakklandet’s charm, and cross Old Town Bridge for views. Discover museums like Ringve and Rockheim, hike to Kristiansten Fortress, and savor local cuisine. Enjoy river activities and keep an eye out for the Northern Lights in winter. Trondheim welcomes all with its rich heritage and warm atmosphere.

Day 2: Trondheim – Røros

The drive south from Trondheim to Røros takes about 2.5 hours. Røros is a town celebrated for its rich history, local crafts, and stunning scenery. Explore the well-preserved wooden architecture, visit local galleries and workshops. Don’t miss the chance to hike, ski, or fish in the surrounding natural beauty. Røros promises a memorable Norwegian adventure.

Day 3: Røros – Tydal

A guided tour of the former mining town Røros is almost mandatory. After your tour, we recommend visiting  to the Smelthytta (The Røros Smeltery), which is one of several sites at the Røros Museum.

The drive to Tydal along route 705 is wonderful. It’s also the shortest, fastest and most beautiful route between Røros and Stjørdal. The mountain municipality of Tydal is a distinctive and exotic place owing in part to the majestic alpine massif Sylan, which has attracted tourists since the 19th century. A network of well-developed and marked hiking trails guide you through the terrain. Several providers arrange guided horseback treks including Dyrhaug Ridesenter and Patrusli Gaard.

Day 4: Tydal – Selbu

Follow route 705 to Selbu. Drive along the banks of the Nea, one of the best trout fishing rivers in Northern Europe, through the wooded, narrow river valley until it gradually becomes an open landscape. The municipality of Selbu has an open and traditional cultural landscape, with the lake Selbusjøen as its natural centre.

Day 5: Selbu – Stjørdal – Trondheim

Drive to Stjørdal municipality, just north of Trondheim. The Hell railway station is a popular place to visit for English-speaking tourists wishing to get a photo posing under the famous “Hell Gods Expedition” sign. Stjørdal offers a diverse range of activities for foreign tourists. Explore historical sites like Stjørdal Church and Hegra Fortress, enjoy the natural beauty along the Stjørdalselva river, engage in outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, and fishing.

Driving distances for this road trip

Trondheim – Røros 155 km (2 hr 10 min)
Røros – Tydal 92 km (1 hr 20 min)
Tydal – Selbu 40 km (35 min)
Selbu – Trondheim 70 km (1 hr)
Hell – Trondheim 28 km (25 min)

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