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“The Legacy of Stiklestad”

“The legacy of Stiklestad” is the theme of this eventful journey between Frosta-Tautra-Stiklestad-Egg-Golden Route

Visit Innherred can offer groups an exciting 2 – day journey in St. Olav’s Kingdom

Day 1:
The trip goes to Frosta where a local guide tells us about Frostatinget-Trøndelag’s oldest statutory area. We travel on to Klostergården (a monastary) on Tautra where we will hear more about monasticism and look at the old monastery ruins. We visit the  monastery ceramics, flower and vegetable outlets. Then we will move on to Mary’s Monastery where we will participate in the nuns prayer service.

The journey goes on to Stiklestad National Cultural Centre where we end the day with a delicious meal in the newly built medieval farm Stiklastadir.

Day 2:
We travel from Stiklestad to Egge in Steinkjer with a local guide. At Egge, we will join the lady of the farm, Sigrid, who will be telling us about her life with Olver on the farm over 1000 years ago.

The trip continues on the Golden Route with lunch and galleries in beautiful surroundings. The trip ends with a visit and tour of Steinvikholmen, where we hear about Olav Engelbregtson- who was the last Catholic archbishop in the country.

The trip can also be combined with more nights and other activities. Contact us and we can suggest a great trip tailored to your group!

Welcome to a journey of St. Olav’s kingdom!
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