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Art and culinary journey in Innherred

– A sensory experience!

Innherreds food culture stretches far back in time, as do the district’s arts and crafts traditions. The proud traditions are maintained by dedicated niche manufacturers, and presented today with a modern twist. Join this fascinating tour and discover the taste, smells and sights of the Golden Route and surrounding area. And you get to visit a good number of businesses on the trip:

Gallery Fenka is a venue for art, history and culture  experiences, a visit that gives room for reflection. The gallery has regular exhibitions as well as a wide selection of fine art, graphics, photography, glass, ceramics, textiles and handicrafts.

Gulburet Gulburet and Glasslåven
In the bountiful farm shop at Verdal Østre you’ll find a great selection of farm food products, local history and crafts. The farm kitchen bakes the bread and prepare food to be served, all inspired by new and old times. Local food and drinks can be enjoyed in the pleasant courtyard, and there is an art exhibition in the barn and this is where Glasslåvenhouse is located. Here you can see artisans in activity. The product range includes everything from glass art to yarn and clothing items.

Gangstad Gårdsysteri
Established in 1998. Award-winning cheeses from the farm fresh cow’s milk, including various white and blue stain cheeses are produced here. In 2008, the family also started producing both dairy ice cream, yogurt ice cream and sorbets. In the popular farm shop there is tasteful farm food from local produce, and Astrid always has samples for you to taste.

A cozy grandmother house with modern facilities, 100 year old furniture and surrounded by a large garden. Centrally located at Straumen with beautiful views.

Øyna Parken
Øyna is located on a magnificent viewpoint above Sakshaug old church. “Where the sky is the highest and the fjord is fairest” … we offer local FOOD PLEASURES and social activities in beautiful natural surroundings. Old recipes and creativity produces food with distinctive tastes.

Nils Aas Kunstverksted and Muustrø Park
A walk to Muustrø Park and Nils Aas Kunstverksted/Art workshop. Sculptor Nils Aas was born in 1933 in Straumen. The Art workshop has a permanent sculpture collection, in addition to changing exhibitions of contemporary Norwegian art and a shop with souvenirs, prints and books. In Muustrø Park close by are 10 sculptures by Nils Aas.

Berg Farm
Farm food kitchen which refines lamb, free range pork and honey. Farm shop in the style of the old country shop style. Slakteriloftet Spiseri/An abattoir loft eatery with its special atmosphere serving lamb and free range pork that has never left the farm. Cultural landscapes, history and tradition are central to the running of Bergsgård.

Price from: 2300, – pr. pers in double rooms. The trip takes two days.

Time program is as follows:

9:30 Gallery Fenka, serving coffee and bread.
11:30 Gulburet and Glasslåven.
12:00 Lunch at Gulburet.
13.00 Art in the Barn, Glasslåven and farm shop.
14.00 Gangstad Gårdsysteri
          Coffee and ice cream from the farm.
          Guests receives cheese and accessories for enjoyment “al fresco.”
15.15 Strømnes.
          Accommodation. Afternoon free to enjoy as you wish.
          Cheese basket supplied.
19.00 Øyna Parken.
          Dinner at the “roof of Inderoy.”

9:00   Breakfast at Stromness. Check-out
10:30 Muustrø Park and Nils Aas Kunstverksted.
          A walk in the idyllic Straumen.
13.00 Bergsgård
          Lunch. Hiking in the cultural landscape.
          Open farm shop.
15.00 Finish

Thanks for visiting!