Orkland is a diverse region with both small towns and villages, pulse and calm, fjords, and mountains. In addition to beautiful nature, shopping opportunities, a rich history, perhaps Trøndelag’s coolest water park and its own beach festival, you will also find the little things that make Orkland a fun place to be.

Orkland history

In Orkland you will find a bit of most things. The region is probably best known for the legacy of the Thams family, who played a significant rolle in this area. Bårdshaug Herregård, Thamspaviljongen, Thamshavnbanen and Gammelgruva at Løkken Verk are attractions liked to this legacy.

With ample access to the best ingredients from both mountains, fjords and the rich salmon river Orkla, you can enjoy delicious and exclusive local food from our many farmers and small-scale producers.

Thamspaviljongen Foto: Allsidig Design

Activities in Orkland

Those interested in the outdoors can enjoy miles of well-marked hiking trails in the fields and mountains, and in winter several ski slopes, as well as facilities for both ski jumping and alpine skiing. If you get your fill of historical, culinary, and natural experiences, the town of Orkanger can tempt you with both a shopping center, Orklandbadet and Climbing Hall, where the latter two are among the largest and finest facilities in Norway.

Orklandbadet. Foto: Allsidig design

Walk the footsteps of Thams

In Orkland you will find an amazing piece of local history, through the story of entreprenaur Christian Thams. You may want to start with the Thamspaviljongen, a stave church pavilion at Bårdshaug manor. This unique piece of history was designed in 1893 for the Chicago World Fair, and remained in Chicago until 2017 when it was sent back to Orkanger.

400 meter south of Bårdshaug manor you will find the Thamshavn railway and Bårdshaug station. Thamshavn railway was opened in 1908 as Norways first electric railway, constructed for transporting ore from the mines at Løkken Verk to the smeltery at Thamshavn. The railway is still in use for museum purposes, and you can take the train up to the old mines. In the old mines you can go for a guided tour underground, and learn the story of an exciting industrial adventure with big ideas and ground breaking technology.

Make sure to also check out the industrial museum for even more details about this rich local history. Last but not least, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the lovely restaurants related to Thamsriket. Check out Bårdshaug Herregård, Bergmannskroa, Orkla Gjestebolig, or Damphuset.

Bårdshaug Herregård. Foto: Allsidig Design

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