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Villa Lighthouse

Experience Villa lighthouse to the vast ocean – a unique historical and technical cultural heritage on the island Villa in Flatanger.

Villa lighthouse was the first lighthouse north of the Trondheim fjord when it was lit in 1839, and the last coalfired lighthouse in the world. It was in operation until 1890 and as a whole the construction (lighthouse, house and boathouse) was protected by law in 1991.  It is maintained and managed by Villa Fyr Venneforening (Friends of Villa Lighthouse). 

History of Villa Fyr

The Norwegian Parliament granted money for Villa Fyr in 1836 and in 1937 it was planned and the build was prepared. Premises had to be secured, drawings and detailed plans had to be worked out. Supplies of food, equipment and supplies had to be ordered. Transport had to be organized. 

Construction begain in the spring of 1838. Close to 70 men were employed. Men from Flatanger, Vågå and Trondheim were hired. The leader of the work was Asmund Hansen, who became the first keeper of the lighthouse (1839 – 64).  Want to know more about Villa Fyr? Check out villafyr.no. 

Villa Fyr Venneforening was founded 3 April 1976. The decay of the construction was huge, and it has been a big task maintaining and restoring. 
All the work at the construction takes place in close cooperation with the cultural authorities. The whole construction appears today as in good condition. But in an area with rough weather, maintenance is an everlasting task. VFV has the responsibility for the construction today and rents the house for holidays. The effort of VFV is based on volunteer work, membership fees and support from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the Municipality of Flatanger.

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