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Lierne/Lijre National Park

Lierne/Lijre National Park and its adjacent protected areas in Sweden makes up a large continuous wilderness area.


The landscape in the park is one large exhibition of how the ice age changed and affected the area thousands of years ago. It is unique in Norway with thick moraine deposits, many different types of soil, rogen moraine, drumlins and more.

The National Park is mostly made up of lowland areas, with the exception of the Hestkjølen massif with peaks as high as 1300 masl. There are some marshland and forested areas.

Because of its varied landscape this is a good area for birds, especially wetland birds. Here you can observe ducks, waders, the Eurasian Dotterel, red-necked phalarope and long-tailed jaeger, to mention a few. In the vast wilderness area there are also wolverines, lynx and bears. Some Arctic Foxes also find their way into this national park.

Lierne National Park is also a very important area for reindeer husbandry and the local Sami population.

Facts: Lierne National Park (Lijre in South Sami language) is a Norwegian national park in Trøndelag, along the Swedish border. The entire national park is within Lierne Municipality. The protected area is 333 square kilometers.

Hiking, fishing and hunting:

Lierne National Park is well-suited to hiking, hunting and fishing and picking mushrooms and berries, but there are only a few marked trails and open cabins. Lierne fjellstyre (mountain authority) offers cabins and boats for hire both in and outside the national park.

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