Grongstadfossen Waterfall

Grungstadfossen waterfall, more commonly known as Grongstadfossen has a 75 m vertical drop. It is in dramatic and scenic surroundings in Høylandet municipality, north in Trøndelag in Central Norway. The waterfall is located close to the centre of Høylandet, signposted from Fv 17 road south of Høylandet centre. You can park by the sign, enjoy the waterfall from the picnic area or follow the path from the picnic area and down along the river for a better view. Grungstadfossen has been important for both timber floating and salmon fishing in local history.

The waterfall is a part of Nordåa, a river in Høylandet municipality. The river runs from Olsgrønningen lake (143 masl). There is salmon in about 5 km  of the river, from the confluence with Søråa river.

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