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Børgefjell/Byrkjie National Park

Børgefjell National Park comprises high summits, deep valleys, wild rapids and expansive moors. In addition to hunting and fishing, the distinguishing feature Børgefjell is its population of Arctic fox.

Børgefjell National Park – varied nature

In the east, you will find expansive and rounded summits, in the west high peaks and deep valleys with glacial cirques and mountain lakes, while in the south there are several stretches of wild rapids and beautiful waterfalls. There are virtually no marked hiking trails.

Arctic fox and animal life

Today Børgefjell National Park is home to the only population of Arctic fox in Norway capable of survival. The Arctic fox was protected in 1930, but the population has not increased, and there are now only a few animals left. If you are lucky enough to see one, you will know you have been on a unique nature-based experience. Wolverines, lynx and bears can also be found in the national park. The elk is protected from hunting in parts of Børgefjell National Park, which is also a grazing from a large reindeer population

The bird life is particularly diverse in the area around the river Simskardelva and Tiplingan, with species including the golden eagles, rough-legged buzzard and snowy owl.

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