Oppdal offers a nice combination of nature and hospitable mountain people. Oppdal is in the southern part of Norway’s Trøndelag county, making it easily accessible whether you are travelling from the north, south or the coast. The mountains of Oppdal stretch from the Dovrefjell mountains in the south to the Trollheimen mountains in the north, serving up memorable highlights from every season. Families, adventurers and people who enjoy life to the fullest are all invited to this mighty mountain area. Exploring the great outdoors is easy in Oppdal!

Exploring Oppdal – Activities and Attractions

The village of Oppdal has long traditions for winter sports and is one of central Norway’s most popular winter destinations. If you want to go alpine skiing, you can choose between four mountains and a number of lifts and slopes. If you prefer cross-country skiing, the prepared tracks are many and the mountain plateaus wide. Oppdal Ski Centre is Central Norway’s largest alpine skiing area, with trail network over 4 mountains, bundled into one lift card

View of Oppdal. Foto: Marius Rua/Buckethaus

The majestic Dovrefjell National Park

Winter is long and often overlaps with spring, which means that you might be able to go skiing on one day and running or biking the next. In the summer and autumn, you can hike on an extensive trail network or follow the pilgrim path towards Trondheim. Maintenance is provided by 45,000 grazing sheep.Oppdal is the natural starting point for the mountain areas of Dovrefjell and Trollheimen. You will find hiking routes and mountain peaks here that are among Norway’s most popular hikes, such as Snøhetta and the Trollheimen Triangle route via three mountain lodges. The mountain areas are majestic and impressive, yet friendly and hospitable with short distances and easy ascents.


Dovrefjell Nationalpark. Foto: Marius Rua/Buckethaus

Viewpoint Snøhetta

Dovrefjell National Park is one of five places in the world where the musk ox lives. Seeing this rare, shaggy animal in the mountains is a majestic sight.Here you can join experienced guides and see wild animals in their natural habitat in the Norwegian nature.

Oppdal is part of the Trøndelag food culture. Trøndelag has mountains, fjords, the open sea, forests and cultivated land, which offer the basis for growing produce with the purest flavours. In Oppdal, you will discover the taste of mountains. Sheep, cattle and reindeer all graze in protected landscape areas. Food producers throughout the municipality supply high quality fresh ingredients to restaurants and food outlets. Treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience at one of the many places to eat in Oppdal.

Musk ox Dovre. Foto: Grim Berge

In the middle of this beautiful scenery, you’ll find a vibrant and hospitable community, tasty food in pleasant dining places, and plenty of activities both indoors and outside. Choose between hotels, apartments or cabins for your stay in Oppdal or nearby mountain areas such as Dovrefjell, Storlidalen or Trollheimen.

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