Namdalen/Nååmesjevuemie (Southern Sami) is a vast region stretching from the Namdalen coast and towards the Swedish border. From the mighty mountains in the east, via forests, heaths, and the river valley with the very best of salmon fishing, to the archipelago and Atlantic Ocean in the west. This off-the-beaten-path and sparsely populated destination has some truly special experiences and places, waiting to be discovered. In Namdalen guests can experience nature up close and do what the locals do.

Islets, fjords and unique geology

The Namdalen coast is made up of tens of thousands of islands and islet, fjords, and unique geology. In Flatanger municipality avid mountain climbers will find their paradise in the Hanshelleren cave. Beginners can try the Via Ferrata in Strøm as well. There are more than 50 signposted and mapped kayaking routes on the coast, and kayaks are available for rent. Guided trips are also available. White-sand beaches, hidden lagoons, and historic fishing villages such as Sør-Gjæslingan are waiting to be discovered. Island jumping by bicycle or public transport is possible, and guided fishing tours and rafting tours are available. Namsos is the largest city in Namdalen, with several museums and art galleries, shops and all amenities. Rørvik is the second largest town.  Leka island and its geology is a must-see.  

Beautiful Sør-Gjæslingan. Foto: Øystein Moe-Helmet

Namsen salmon & train experience

In Namdalen we harvest and go berry-picking, fish, and hunt, as we have for thousands of years. Along the lush green fields local farmers grow and produce high-quality food. Salmon fishing in the Namsen river has been popular with tourists ever since the “salmon lords” from the United Kingdom came to the region in the 1800s. It is still a popular activity today. In the mountains there are cabins aplenty, signposted hikes and thousands of lakes, ponds and rivers where guests can try trout or char fishing with a fishing license, with or without a local guide. Exclusive hunting with a guide is also possible.

Namsen river. Foto: Marius Rua

National parks

Namdalen has three national parks: Børgefjell, Lierne and Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park. The areas surrounding these national parks are wild, with almost untouched nature and no light pollution.  The winter in Røyrvik and Lierne is especially good, with guided ice fishing courses for beginners, skiing and snow-mobiling in picturesque landscapes, with views as far as the eye can see. Rent a cabin, bring a local food crate, and find your own little pocket of peace in Namdalen.





Leka. FOTO: Marius Rua

Things to do in Namdalen

If you’re planning to spend your day in Namdalen, you’ll have a wide range of exciting activities to choose from. Namdalen offers a variety of experiences, from exploring historical sites, shopping, enjoying outdoor adventures and some realy great food.

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