What would Norway have been like without Innherred?

The peasant army defeated King Olav Haraldsson in Norway’s most famous battle; the battle of  Stiklestad in 1030. Since then, both Saint Olav and the farmers have left their mark on Innherred.

Hospitality in our genes
The inner areas of the Trondheimsfjord are enclosed by Innherred, and the rolling cultural landscape invites you to be explorative. Explore Inherred by bike, on foot or by car or train.

The Trønder hospiltality is passed down through generations from our ancestors; The vikings. In Innherred we always find the time and place for a real feast. The food is delicious and local – of course. You may have heard of Sodd?

Farm to table

In 1030, Innherred was so prosperous that the farmers resisted the king’s attempt at Christianisation. The soil was so fertile that it provided the Trønder people/population with everything they needed, including more than enough food for everyone. Today the soil is just as fertile. It yields world-class farmed produce for the Trønder farmers and the general public alike. . From farm to table – it’s not just a trend. It’s reality here in Innherred – come see for yourself!

Kim Tore Sjøbakk, owner and head chef of Experience Food and Drink in Steinkjer, is passionate about utilising only local and organic ingredients for his 16-course tasting menu.

Frokost i Fulgekassehytta. Foto: Ellen Homstad

Den gyldne omvei (Golden Road) – Detour to great experiences

Take the road less travelled and see where you end up. You might end up taking the detour of a lifetime. The charming detour from the E6 motorway – Den Gyldne Omvei «The Golden Road» goes through golden wheat fields and features farm shops with award-winning cheese and other delicious local produce, fresh vegetables, craft beer and aquavit. Combine the experience with

unique accommodation, cosy cafes and restaurants during your stay.

This route also features a host of art and craft galleries. Art enthusiasts should not miss the Nils Aas Kunstverksted (art workshop) in the village of Straumen.

To really enjoy the beautiful cultural landscape jump on a bike to travel between the stops.

fUGLEKASSEHYTTA. Foto: Ellen Homstad

Historic Innherred

Wander in the footsteps of St. Olav on a pilgrimage – an inner and outer journey through a landscape as varied as the Trønder himself. From the deep dark forest – to the bright open fields. To the shrine of Nidaros.

The dark history of the World War II is still visible throughout Innherred. At  Falstad in Levanger, this history is respectfully preserved and brought to life through the digital reconstruction of the former Prison camp SS Strafgefangenenlager Falstad.

Nature is all around
The nature is abundant – it surrounds you when you are in Innherred. There are numerous well-facilitated hiking trails across the region. In the mountains, along the fjord, and in towns and villages. To be discovered on foot or by bike.

At the top of Inderøy, nestled in a hill you will find Norway’s first cultural landscape hotel, Øyna. The hotel is designed to blend into the landscape giving you panoramic views while you cuddle in a comfy bed. You can taste first-class local dishes in the restaurant and enjoy creative drinks in the skybar, while still taking in the same panoramic views.

Wild nature
The largest wilderness area at Innherred; Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park appears unspoilt by human efforts. However, it is in reality an ancient cultural landscape with almost invisible traces of centuries of traditional Sami use. Traceless journey – a stone might not just be a stone, it can be a symbol. Leave it be…Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints…. You can get to know Southern Sami culture and history better, as the Sami themselves tell it, at Saemien Sijte in Snåsa.

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