4 must-sees along the Golden Road

Just a stone’s throw away from the highway, you can find a place where people immediately feel at peace. Innherred offers a range of experiences that food lovers, art enthusiasts, photographers and people simply in search of a genuine conversation can’t afford to miss. You’ll find hidden gems, friendly hosts and incredible flavours along the Golden Road (den Gyldne Omvei) – these places are truly worth a visit.


Photo: Ellen Homstad

The Golden Road is one of Norway’s most exciting detours.

The road goes from the E6 highway and winds through Indeøy, a peninsula two hours north of Trondheim. The route offers art, farms, galleries, architecture and world class food experiences. You will meet skilled and approachable people along the way and quickly experience the peaceful change of pace.

Gangstad Dairy Farm (Gårdsysteri)

You can taste the patience, knowledge and the local ingredients that go into making good food. If you are a cheese lover, Gangstad Diary Farm is a must-visit. Here you will find a selection of cheeses – all ranging from mild white-mold cheese to strong blue flavours. Through 25 years of a focus on quality, Gangstad has gained the reputation as one of Norway’s leading dairies. When you taste their cheese it is easy to understand why. In addition, you can also find jams and biscuits at the farm shop. Their ice cream alone is also rumoured to be worth the visit for.

Photo: Ellen Homstad

Photo: Ellen Homstad

Nils Aas Art Workshop

If you are in search of an unique art experience, look no further than Nils Aas art workshop. The workshop exhibits original work by the local artist, but stands out from ordinary art museums through their focus on interactive art experiences. In the art workshop, you have the opportunity to express your own creativity through trying various materials hands-on. This is an arena where both adults and children can unleash their imagination through inspiration from Nils Aas, changing art exhibitions and their own creative expression.

Kjerringa me’ Straumen

Just across the road from the art workshop, you can find a café that will make you feel instantly at home. You can enjoy homemade meals or choose to sit in the sun with a glass of sparkling. What really makes the café stand out is its unique atmosphere – you will be greeted with a smile and a fun story. It makes it easy to talk to others and you will quickly get to know both locals and visitors at the café. The café is also a second-hand shop – so if you would like to go on a treasure hunt or bring your coffee cup home with you, that is also possible.

Photo: Ellen Homstad

Photo: Ellen Homstad

Fuglekassehytta (the birdbox cabin) in Lorvika

A night at Fuglekassehytta is an experience you won’t forget about anytime soon. This architectural gem offers one of the best views in the area, incredible food and makes it very easy for you to feel right at home. The iconic round window is the perfect place to enjoy a good book and a cup of tea while gazing out over the Borgenfjord. In addition, the bedroom is well suited for stargazing on clear evenings. Perhaps you might be lucky and spot the northern lights? The breakfast is also an experience in itself. In the morning you will receive a breakfast basket filled with local produce from neighbouring farms. In other words, Fuglekassehytta is a completely unique overnight experience.

How to get to the Golden Route

If you arrive by car, the Golden Route is a quick detour from the E6 highway, located about 100 kilometres north of Trondheim and 20 kilometres south of Steinkjer. It is a perfect experience if you are on a road trip through Norway, and only takes 8 minutes longer than following the main road.

If you are arriving by plane, the best option is flying into Trondheim airport. From here you can rent a car or catch a train to get to the Golden Route.

If you don’t have a car, the train is a good option. The trains leaving to go north from Trondheim, via Trondheim airport, have several stops in Innherred. The nearest stop to the Golden Route is Røra Station. From here to Straumen you can catch a shuttle service, which must be booked on the AtB website at least 3 hours in advance. The service is equivalent to a taxi, but you still only pay the price of a regular public transport ticket.

Bus is also a good option if you are travelling from Steinkjer or Levanger. You can find the bus timetable on the AtB website.

The landscape of Inderøy is also great for biking. If this is of interest to you, you can catch the train to Steinkjer or Røra and rent bikes from here through dgo.no.

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