Samvirkelaget – Coop Oppdal

Samvirkelaget is the Domus shopping centre’s own café, offering simple dishes, salads, a deli counter, sweet treats to accompany your coffee, a children’s playroom and a pleasant environment with beautiful views.

The shopping centre has always had a café. Samvirkelaget’s new premises opened in 2020. This points back to the community of which Domus’ 100-year history is a part. To this day, it remains a gathering point, but with good food as a draw. The open kitchen and friendly service mean guests still feel a sense of community at Samvirkelaget.

The childrens playroom and nursing room contribute to making this a popular meeting place for parents with prams and small children who need to let off some steam.


A samvirkelag (cooperative) is an open association of consumers aiming to improve the members’ economic and social conditions by them as consumers also selling the goods and possibly also producing them. The word is also used to describe the consumer movement’s sales outlet.