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Almo Hjort (deer farm)

Located in Snåsa, Almo Hjort, a deer farm, proudly presents an array of premium products crafted from the finest Norwegian Red Deer. Their selection includes exquisite cuts and expertly processed venison in various forms.

For those seeking a convenient option, Almo Hjort provides deer boxes available for purchase. These boxes encompass a diverse assortment of professionally prepared cuts, thoughtfully packaged, and elegantly labeled. Each box comprises approximately 5 kilograms of cuts, 3 kilograms of prime roasts, and 2 kilograms of minced venison. This high-quality meat is ideal for any culinary occasion.

Deer meat possesses a uniquely round and mild flavor profile. When handled with care, it retains its tenderness and succulence. Versatile in its applications, this meat is suitable for frying in a pan or oven, grilling, stir-frying in a wok, and incorporating into stews, chops, and pâtés. Additionally, venison can be enjoyed smoked or cured, making it perfect for bacon, sausages, and various other curing and drying processes.

About Almo Hjort:
In 2014, Lars Erik Almo and Åsa Tørring assumed ownership of Almo Nordre, a family farm in Snåsa. Today, they oversee operations at Almo Hjort and hold a license for 100 mother deer. The deer at Almo Nordre enjoy expansive, natural habitats directly connected to the farm, fostering close interactions with these majestic creatures. The pastures primarily consist of well-maintained, historic grazing lands, interspersed with forested areas and deer hides for observation. Visitors to the farm can witness the enclosures where the deer roam, and with a stroke of luck, catch a glimpse of these magnificent animals.

Farm Butchery:
Almo Hjort has constructed its own on-site slaughterhouse, ensuring that all deer are processed right on the farm. This humane approach allows deer to be slaughtered in their natural environment, free from any undue stress, resulting in exceptionally dark, high-quality meat.

To order your deer boxes, visit their website at www.almohjort.no. Moreover, Almo Hjort offers accommodation at their Almo Summer Mountain Farm for those seeking an immersive experience amidst the serene natural surroundings.


Additionally, they alos offer accommodation at their Almo Summer Mountain Farm

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