Family favourites at Hitra

Holidays are a time to share with those you care about – your children, extended family or good friends. Hitra offers a wide variety of activities and experiences. How about informative days at a museum, an adventure trail, meeting and feeding farm animals, diving or fishing trips?


Foto: Dalpro


Have you ever experienced a deer feeding out of your hand?

You can experience this at Dalpro in the Hammerstaddalen valley. While in the yard, you can also see bottle-fed lambs, rabbits, peacocks and chickens. The deer feeding takes place every day at 11 a.m. during the summer season (week 25-32). During your visit to DalPro, you can spend an enjoyable day with the animals and visit the farm shop.


Fairy trail at DalPro

If you follow the road along the deer enclosure from the farm shop, you will reach the fairy forest.

There are many exciting things to see – and fantasise about – on your journey through the fairy forest. Maybe you will meet a troll, or maybe you will end up in the middle of the fairy tale about the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Best of all, the fairy trail is completely free and it’s close to the seashore.


The Coastal Museum of South Trøndelag

Explore the past and present along the coast with the Coastal Museum of South Trøndelag.

The museum offers tours of the historical cultural landscape at Dolm, as well as guided tours of fish farms for a unique insight into how the modern aquaculture industry works. Maybe you will get to feed salmon. “Storytelling on the go” is a fun concept that combines knowledge, speed and excitement. We travel by rigid inflatable boat (RIB) and stop along the way for storytelling and refreshments.

Foto: Vindfang


White-tailed eagle safari and other sea-based activities

Although many of us have seen an eagle before, but if you really want to “see” it, you should go on an eagle safari. Watch the mighty bird of prey dive down towards the sea and elegantly grab its lunch. Several companies arrange eagle safaris and other activities. Check out Visit Hitra for more information. Some important advice: remember to bring your camera!

Accommodation at Fjellvær Gjestegård

Fjellvær Gjestegård is a place where your family can really relax. It’s child friendly as far as the eye can see. It’s flat, there are nice beaches and no sharp edges. This is a great place for walking, hiking and rowing, as well as big and small experiences for the youngest ones.

Foto: Fjellvær Gjestegård


Diving at Hitra

Why not explore underwater this summer?

It’s as if Hitra were created for diving. You can fish, dive and hunt in crystal clear water and experience the unique species and underwater life. In fact, Hitra is the only place in Norway where you can experience such a unique marine biodiversity and dive in the shelter of countless islands, islets and skerries.

We recommend starting your diving adventure at Dolmsundet Marina or with Havsport Dykkersenter in Grefsnesvågen. Did you know that Hitra has had an annual gathering for divers since 1985?

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