Sturla Eide, Kai Roger Magnetun, Eirik Rottem Eide trio

Almo Hjort (deer farm) in Snåsa offer products from Norwegian Red Deer. They sell beautiful cuts and further processed deer in different varieties.

Deer boxes to order
Almo Hjort offers deer boxes that you can buy. They contain an assorted selection of cuts, professionally cut and delicately packaged and marked in fine packages. The boxes consist of about 5kg cuts, 3kg chafing and 2kg minced venison. This is beautiful meat that is perfect for all occasions.

Deer meat has a round and mild taste, and treated correctly, the meat is tender and juicy. This is one of our most useful types of meat and is suitable for both frying in a pan and oven, grilling, in a wok, as well as in pots, chops and pâtés. The venison can be a delight both smoked and digged, and is suitable for bacon sausages and for other curing and drying.

About Almo Hjort
Lars Erik Almo and Åsa Tørring took over the family farm Almo Nordre on Snåsa in 2014. Today they run Almo Hjort and have an operating license for 100 mother animals. The deer on Almo Nordre have large nice areas in direct connection to the farm, so you get good contact with the animals. The pastures consist mainly of old cultivated pastures, with some elements of forest areas / hides for the deer. When you are on the farm, you see the enclosures where the deer go and if you are lucky you can also see the deer.

Farm butchery
On the farm they have also built their own slaughterhouse so all deer are slaughtered on the farm. The deer is killed in its natural element and without any kind of stress. Thus, the meat is very dark

You can order deer boxes from their website:

Additionally, they alos offer accommodation at their Almo Summer Mountain Farm