Martna med Boinndrag

Have you heard of Påssåby`n? No one knows for sure about the background for the name, but in this small district in Steinkjer both the poet Kristofer Uppdal and the painter Jacob Weidemann grew up.

On the outskirts of Påssåby`n, Anna and Sivert Olaf Hegdahl established their own bakery on the 11th September 1901. The day before, they had gotten married. When the Germans bombed the city in April 1940, the bakery burned down, but people had to have bread – and the apartment building that now stands in Kristofer Uppdalsgate, is one of the first reconstruction houses in Steinkjer.

Today, Anne Mette Hegdahl runs the Kulturcafe in the old bakery premises. She has found her ancestors' recipe books and bakes both muffins and syrup cakes as they did in earlier times.

The cafe is located a bit on the outskirts of the city centre, and you will have no problems finding parking. Come and relaxt relax under the parasols in the lush garden.

If you visit Rismelen activity park with your kids, it can also go well with Bamsemum ice cream and refreshments in the café, which is close by.

After a stroll in the legendary woods Furruskogen where you may have met the grazing goats, it is probably quite tempting with a cup of coffee and a piece of muffin before you return home for Sunday dinner. We are open every Sunday and Wednesday from 11:00 – 15:00.

When you visit us, you will always find an exhibition on the walls, either with a theme from Steinkjer's history or it can be a presentation of an artist and her work. From time to time we have various cultural events and lectures and every so often, a musician can appear as entertainment for our guests.

Anne Mette ran the cultural café Hønse-Lovisa's house by the Akerselva in Oslo for almost 10 years, and the idea is also here at Steinkjer to create a meeting place where people can meet across age, background and nationality.







    Kulturscenen Vårt Hjem