25/8: Dag Erik Oksvold på Ladekaia

– Experience a taste of South Sami culture!

South Sami museum Saemien Sijte is located on Horjemstangen by Lake Snåsavatnet and offers Sami taste experiences in our new museum in Snsa.

Museum cafe & Visitors Gamme/gåetie*
In the museum cafe, you can get to know old Sami food traditions in a new and modern style and taste.
Respect for nature and knowledge of how the seasons affect access to raw materials is central to Sami culture.

In the cafe, we serve dishes made with ingredients sourced from various parts of the Southern Sami region, as well as from other exciting local food suppliers.

Through food experiences and storytelling, you get an insight into what the reindeer herding cycle is like and how people in Sami culture think about and harvest from nature.

We invite you to good food experiences and storytelling both in our gåtie – gamma outside and around the hearth in the actual cafe inside the museum.

Exhibits and guided tours
We want our visitors to experience community, a closeness to environment, and a better understanding of Sami culture and history.
Our main exhibition «Gïejide goerebe – We follow the tracks» provides a unique look at Southern Sami culture over many centuries and up to the present day.

History comes to life through archaeological finds, historical sources, art, joik, and oral stories.

Museum shop
The museum shop is open all year and sells and displays Sami literature, crafts, and design.

We also sell clothes, jewellery, applied art and various souvenirs made by Sami designers.

In the cafe you can also buy a selection of exclusive local food products from the region.

Do you want food service, rent premises or book a lecture?  
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri 11:00 – 16:00
Or by prior agreement.

Extended opening hours in the summer season:
27 June – 13 August: Every day from 11:00 – 17:00

*Gamme / gåetie – Sami hut covered in moss