Cross-country ski trails in Namdalen

Namdalen, nestled in the heart of central Norway, undergoes a magical transformation in the winter season. Blanketed in a pristine layer of snow, the region offers a serene and enchanting winter experience for travelers.


On a ski trip in Lierne National Park / Photo: Bernartwood

Namsos town, Namsos municipality

There are miles of prepared cross-country ski trails in the outdoor recreational area near downtown Namsos. The trails start by the ski centre in Granåsen,  and in the suburb of Fossbrenda, which is 2-3 km from the town centre. The trails are prepared by the volunteer organisation Bymarkas Venner daily or as required.

Spillumsmarka, Namsos municipality

Spillumsmarka is a nice area for an evening skiing session with a headtorch or some exercise on a lighted ski trail. This is perfect for a long ski trip during the day and in the weekend but remember to bring your headtorch if you are skiing when it’s dark.

Grong Skisenter, Grong municipality

Miles of cross-country ski trails are prepared in the area around the ski resort Grong Skisenter. The trails are suitable for cross-country skis as well as skis intended for mountain and/or alpine skiing. If you want to combine some exercise on flat ground with high-speed action on the slopes, then Grong Skisenter is the place for you. You can read more about the ski resort and the cross-country ski trails at

Trones, Namsskogan municipality

Begin your winter adventure at Namsskogan Family Park and bring skis so you can test out the cross-country trails in the area. Many good cross-country ski trails start by the park. For more information about Namsskogan Family Park and the wonderful family activities they offer during winter, please visit

Skorovas, Namsskogan municipality

Lyshaug Gård prepares ski trails in the area around the mountain village of Skorovas. You can start the day on the cross-country ski trails and end the day with a visit to Sjenkestova. As well as hot drinks, Sjenkstova serves more than 500 different kinds of beer.


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