Crackling Atmosphere

The frost mist seeps through the air and dissolves to the sound of leather soles creaking against the hard snow. A lasso takes aim and then surrounds a set of frisky reindeer antlers. The eternal battle between man and animal is underway again.


photo: marius rua

Experience magical Halten – Island hopping and photo safari!

The island of Halten is situated in the north of the Frøya archipelago. Halten is in the Froan nature reserve and landscape protection area and is also protected pursuant to the Cultural Heritage Act.

Out here, you will get a close-up experience with intense nature, bare coastal rocks, waves washing over the skerries, minks and otters, flocks of cormorants drying their wings, eagles, geese and eider ducks, various species of seals and a wonderful fauna. Halten’s friendly host, Bjørn, serves dinner and dessert before taking you on a guided tour of the lighthouse, where an incredible view awaits you!


Having reindeer as their livelihood has developed and shaped humans for thousands of years. For the Southern Sami in Røros, Snåsa and Røyrvik, the year involves cycles. The reindeer are moved from one pasture to another, herded and eventually slaughtered to create food, tools and clothes. That was the case 3,000 years ago, before thoughts of lifestyle choices evolved, and it’s still the case today.

Foto: marius rua

“My relatives have lived off reindeer since time immemorial,”

– says Eva Nordfjell from Røros.

Eva comes from a Southern Sami family. She and her husband run Rørosrein. In addition to living off reindeer husbandry, they offer visitors a glimpse into life as a Southern Sami.

“Although many have a relationship with Rudolf, reindeer are not for decoration. They are primarily for food, which we have learned to live with to survive,” 

 – says Eva.

Lighthouse hopping in the Frøya archipelago

There is something extremely special about lighthouses along the Norwegian coast.

Few municipalities in the country have more lighthouses than Frøya. This comes as no surprise since Frøya has a 70 km long area of shoals, reefs, islets, skerries and islands. The lighthouse chain consists of Sletringen on Titran, Sula, Vingleia, Finnværet and Halten – the northernmost lighthouse.

Do you fancy lighthouse hopping from island to island, or maybe we can tempt you with an overnight stay in the Vingleia lighthouse near Mausund? You can also stay in the beautiful lighthouse keeper’s house out at Sula.

They sell processed products of reindeer in their farm shop, while in their gamme (turf hut) they offer unique experiences combining storytelling and food. The focus is on reindeer husbandry and the Sami culture – or more specifically the Southern Sami culture.

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