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Ytterøy Open Air museum

Jørstadsjøen Dampskibskai is unique as the current steamship pier in Trondheim Fjord. Kaia was built in 1930 and was a landing stage for the scheduled boats that plied the fjord. Kaia is one of the best preserved steamship/rowboat wharves in the Trondheim Fjord.

Kaia is open to all visitors. Posters with information about the history of the kaia have been put up. Equipment that was in use at this quay has been returned and restored. The main focus is on dissemination through poster information.
I tillegg til å ta imotige caseldige besøkende, kan hele anlegget eller deler av anlegget renties ut til event.

SDS Hansteen – first weekend in August
The reception of SDS Hansteen on the first weekend in August is an excellent opportunity to present the history of Ytterøyas. Both because of the possibility of experience by participation and by activities on the steamship facility. Due to Corona, such a call was not carried out in 2020, or 2021.

Visitors to Jørstadsjøen Dampskibskai can from the information boards or by guiding be expected to be informed about:
History of Jørstadsjøen Dampskibskai
-History of the quay
-The history of the shipyard
-Urban culture linked to Jørstadsjøen
History of other wharves on Ytterøy
-Hokstadkaia: history and use/cooperation
-Naustkaia: history and use/intercourse
Hokstad : – mining facilities – copper/sulphur shipping
Lønvikbukta: – gruveanleggskai – utskipning av kalkstein
Norviksundet: – gruveanleggskai – utskipningshavn kalkstein
Other: – quays established in the vicinity without regular traffic
-History of other quays in the Inner Trondheimsfjord
-History of companies/shipping companies that have trafficked the fjord with boats and the participation of the outer islands
-History of the use of the fjord as a transport route independent of quays and ferries
-History of boat/ship building – slipper
-History of the fjord/lake as food


  • Season
    • july
    • open by arrangement