In Toldnes, you can find one of the largest collections of burial mounds from the Bronze Age, about 40 in number. Many of these have a considerable size, with several tombs in the same mound. In the 20 or so mounds examined, there are 48 people buried .

The Island of the Dead
Over 2000 years ago Toldnes was an island in Beitstadfjorden. At that time, the sea level was about 15 m higher than it is today. The cairns were often laid on rock outcrops so that they would be more visible from the sea. The dead were laid in large and small chests of edged flagstones or lying flat slabs that gave the tomb a great look. Under the large deck slab over the chambers, traces of both burned and unburned burials have been found. The dead brought with them valuable items to the kingdom of the dead. The concentration of burial mounds made ​​of bronze is astounding – jewelry, knives, swords and small axes, called Celts – and this testify to the prosperity and shows that people in and around Toldnes already in the Bronze Age had good contact with the outside world. They could trade for the wealth and power that the bronze was a symbol of.

There are also tracks from later periods at Toldnes peninsula, including several tombs from the Iron Age and a field of about 65 clearance mounds  which may be medieval. Today we can still see many of burial mounds from the Bronze Age scattered around on Toldnes. It is possible to imagine how they were placed in the landscape when the place was an island, and the view to the sea was important. Larger and smaller stone coffins are exposed in the mounds, so you can get an idea of ​​size and building methodolgy.

Along the trails on this peninsula you can find mounds from the Bronze Age. Here you’ll find burial mounds in all sizes – some big and dominant, others small and more modest, some with monoliths, others with open tombs. There are information boards on site, and offers of guided tours by Liv Janne Toldnes .

Follow the E6 south from Steinkjer to RV 761 which takes off to the right towards Inderoy. Then take the first road to the right. Follow the dirt road about 1 km to parking right by the two Toldnes farms.