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The Olav Well and the Church site Megard


The church site Megard is situated in a beautiful setting in Imsdalen in Snåsa. Also found on site is the Olav Well * which got its name because it is said that St. Olav drank from the spring water here and blessed the well.  Folklore and stories indicate that many sick people came to Megard, drank from the well and was healed. Therefore, many pilgrims on their way to the Nidaros Cathedral have consequently stopped here and drunk  the water hoping to feel its health-giving power.
It is not certain that St. Olav drank from this particular well, but the it is just by the pilgrim route to Stiklestad and Nidaros and thus probably emerged as an olav well.


It is generally believed that the healing spring water was the reason why the Catholic Church Megard was built here. No one knows exactly when it was built, but it is believed that it may have happened sometime between 1300-1350 and that it was in existance for 200 years. In 1982, the church site was rebuiltby volunteers. It is still possible to see remains of the old church.


Today, there are 2 church services held at Megard Church Site per year  – The Olso service on the last Sunday in July, and at the night walk to Megard in August. In addition, there are some who choose to use Megard for marriage and baptism.

The Megard walk is a very special experience. The hikers walk along the trail which is lit by lanterns from Imsdalen to Megard. Along the route there are several breaks with text reading or music. The church site is illuminated in a special wayforming a nce frame around the church service. 

The Pilgrim path the North Path (Nordleden) passes past Megard.

* From wikipedia: Olavskilder or Olavsbrønner is a term used for a number of water sources in Norway. They are most often named in the specific form, Olavskilden, but one also finds the form St. Olavskilden. The springs were named after Olav the Holy in the years after Christianity came to Norway, and are often located in the vicinity of the Arrow Road, the old Arrow Roads. The water from the springs is said to be holy and to give blessing and strength to those who drink or touch it.