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Stene Skanse in Verdal

Stene Skanse was a historic fortification in Inndalen in Verdal, mainly in use between 1611 – 1720, and remnants of this fortification can still be found today by Steinsgropa.

Eilerik Visborg, together with Captain Bierck, fought back and defeated the Swedish occupation forces in 1658, thus ridding Trøndelag of the Swedes who had been in occupation after the peace in Roskilde. A memorial stone of Eilerik Visborg has been erected to commemorate this.

Stene Skanse is also known for events in connection with General Armfeldt's campaign in 1718. General Armfeldt had received orders from King Karl 12th to conquer Trondheim.  The troops travelled from Jämtland, through Verdal and Stene and Skånes skanse in Levanger. General Armfeldt never managed to conquer Trondheim. 

There are cannon emplacements at Bergylen, at the heights over Stene Skanse. These were built simoultaneously with the opening of the mountain galleries at the Værdalske fortifications in 1911. 
Both are available to the public. Stene Skanse is located 14 km from E6.