St. Michael´s chapel

St. Michael’s Chapel was built and consecrated in 2012. Although the original purpose was to give pilgrims a break on a long pilgrimage, the chapel has also become a popular destination for local walkers. The unique peace and quiet here is something that most people notice and appreciate, making it a good walking destination for everyone.

The chapel is situated in the Vinstradalen valley, where the Pilgrim Path comes down, so you get a nice view of the village of Oppdal. The chapel was built to give the pilgrims an opportunity to meditate and to inform them about the village before they continued their journey towards Nidaros. The chapel features half-timbered framework with vertical boarding. The roof is made of wood, there is an indoor amphitheatre with 12 seats and part of the interior is made of slate.

Weddings, Christenings and outdoor services are held at this small chapel. The chapel is open year-round for walkers and pilgrims.

The “altarpiece” is a large window facing northwards, which offers a wonderful view of the village of Oppdal. We can see all the way to Oppdal church on the other side of the village. The chapel is named after a bronze figure of the archangel St. Michael, which was found at the Rise burial site, approx. 500 m north of the chapel.

By car or bike: Drive/ride (walking/cycling path) 8 km south to Driva. Turn off the E6 highway to the left in the direction of the Vinstradalen valley. Follow this road for approx. 3 km and park by the barrier. Walk along the gravel road for approx. 2 km until you see the chapel on your left-hand side. You can pay and drive up to the chapel, but we recommend walking the final 2 km up the Vinstradalen valley to the chapel.

The Pilgrim Path also turns off the road here and continues as a separate path, which you can also follow back to Oppdal village.