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WWII historic mountain trip to Plukkutjønnfjellet mountain

From the parking area by Litle Ismenningen, walk over the bridge by Stor Ismenningen, and take the path past Kolvseteren (The Kolv shieling). Walk one kilometer up the steep hill along a bustling brook before arriving up at the plateau where the terrain will be easier to walk on from. The path is marked clearly and well for the whole trip.

The path continues between Moliklumpen and Kolvfjellet in an easy terrain before a wonderful view reveals itself to you! The view that you can experience from here is so beautiful and infinite. Towards south-east you can see Langvatnet and Raudtjønna. Far towards east-south you see Bjørkvasshatten (Skrivefeil, star med tre S-er på Norsk artikkel) and Søndre-Gjevsjøhatten raising its majestic self upward. From there just move your eyes towards east and look over Gauptønnaksla, Lakvasshatten, Finnhuva, Lurusneisa, northern Gauptkjønnaksla and an array of other majestic mountain areas. Additionally, you can see as far as the mountains in Sweden. You can just start counting the mountains!

When you have walked approximately 8 kilometers you will come to see a sign by the trail, “Flyvrak 1km” (Flight wreck 1 kilometers) Upwards. On the GPS map you can see that we took a detour approximately 1 kilometer before the sign as I had my 82 year old Godfather along me on this hike for directions and company so that the incline would not be too steep, but instead slope a bit more up towards the war memorial. The memorial shows the names of the 12 deceased American soldiers and was unveiled in 1949. Several memorial ceremonies have been held in the later years.

See her for more information about the plane accident. To see the remains of the wreck was an incredibly strong experience that made my hair stand on end and left goosebumps raised all over my body.

The plane that crashed was of the type B-24 Liberator and you can see one of the motors of the plane on the ground. The other motor was flown up to the Plukkutjønn mountain and put on a pedestal next to the memorial pyramid. We spent a good amount of time looking at all the remains of the plane before going back home. You can clearly see traces of where the plane presumably crashed. It is incredible that everything stays just where it is and the way it was even after year after year of winters, storms and the ice melting.

For azoomable map of the hike on www.ut.no, click here

Directions to starting point:

If you come from Steinkjer, drive south towards Snåsa (fv 763) and then take off at Brede towards Imsdalen. At Brede there is a small “Coop” Grocery store and gas station. The road further leads you to a boom gate, and you have to pay 150.- NOK to pass before the mountain road goes further inwards to Ismenningen. You have to drive 29 kilometers until reaching the parking area which comes abruptly to your right after a small hilltop close to Litle-Ismenningen, 500 meters after Ismenningen Fjellstuggu (Ismenningen mountain cabin). The hike starts by the parking area on the right side by Litle Ismenningen. It is marked with a sign. Follow the sign “Gjefsjøstien” until you see the sign “Flyvrak 1 km” after 9 kilometers of walking.