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Visit the Golden Route

– Unique defence history in Verdal

High above the river Inna and not far from Vaterholmen den, you will find the Valuable Forts.

The Verdalian fortifications can be experienced via an exciting trail through a historic landscape of rushing river water, lush vegetation and steep mountain walls.

Since their construction a few years after the dissolution of the Union in 1905, they have constituted Norway's smallest collection of historical defences, and were intended to defend the central part of Norway against a possible attack from the east. The main fortress is reached via a thrilling trail, over bridges and up stairs and ladders, through a historic landscape of rushing river water, lush vegetation and steep mountain paths.

The North and South Galleries, with a total of almost 200 metres of halls inside the mountain, make up the main part of the Valuable Fortifications. They were built in 1909-1911. The facilities consist of two tunnels on each side of the valley. Nordre Galleri is a 90-metre-long mountain hall in a straight line, which includes positions for two cannons and five machine guns. Søndre Galleri has a similarly long mountain tunnel, but this one has more levels and two 90 degree turns. Søndre had one gun emplacement and 8 mitral jets. Nearby there is also a three-armed blockhouse which had mitral positions to secure the main fortress against ambushes.

In summer, only the Søndre gallery is open to the public on Sundays from 11-16. Nordre Galleri is closed due to security and security upgrades.

The blockhouse is always open and there is also an overnight stay for young pilgrims.

Since the early 1990s, the Association for the Preservation of the Valuable Buildings has put a lot of work into rehabilitating the galleries themselves and the road up, so that both are now open to the public.

Read more and see pictures of the unique defence history at www.verdalskebefestninger.no

Road description:
De Værdalske Befestninger, Nordre og Søndre Galleri, is located 25 kilometres from Verdalsøra and the E6. Follow the RV72 towards Sandvika and Østersund.





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