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“Stiklestad Summer”

It was here, at Stiklestad, that the Viking king Olav Haraldsson fell in a battle against the peasants and minor kings on July 29, 1030. Shortly after his death, he was canonisied and is later known as St. Olav.

“Summer at Stiklestad”
“Stiklestad Summer” welcomes you to experiences for the whole family. Both adults and children can participate in exciting activities, on the grounds of Stiklestad National Culture Centre.
Viking for a day!
“Stiklastadir” farm,
with the viking longhouse, is full of activities offering farm work and child play for adults and children alike. You can learn what life was like in Viking age by participating in their daily activities. You can learn to light a fire using flint and steel, shoot arrows from a bow and sew your very own leather moneypouch. Or maybe you would like to test yout skills as an archaeologist? What could be hiding in the burial mound?

“Play battle”
Join our peasant army of the kings guard and fight like a Viking using sword and Shield.

“The Saint Olav Drama”
This is the play of all vikingplays in Norway. The Saint Olav Drama is performed every year at the end of July. It is a dramatisation of the battle of Stiklestad at Scandinavias largest open-air stage.

Stiklestad Summer is held every summer and the dates for 2017 are 24. June to 13. August.

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