KRUX – Indoor climbing hall

**Norway's highest indoor climbing wall**

Local climbers have worked long and hard to realize this dream of a facility. In March, the doors opened for, among other things, the longest route for indoor climbing of 25 meters. The climbing hall is located in the Innovation Center in the middle of Oppdal center and is a signal building in the true sense of the word with the climbing tower covered with slate outdoors. Here it should be easy to start as a beginner, while those who still have lime under their nails also get their brows sharpened. The climbing facility has 800 m2 with climbing surfaces spread over approx. 250 m2 with bouldering and 550 m2 indoor climbing walls with 7 autobelays.

You can book an appointment in advance, but the facility is also open for drop-in.
The climbing center has the same reception as Krux Fitness Center, so here it is possible to spend a few hours on both climbing and at the fitness center.

Did you know that a crux is a difficult part that must be overcome in, for example, the sport of climbing? With a Norwegianization of K, it simply means climbing in Oppdal!