Home of the trolls

Home of the trolls – You can come here and help our professional troll researchers gather material about the trolls in Trollheimen, and you get to use the very latest in technology that means you can actually go out and meet the trolls with the help of our troll detectors! A completely unique opportunity to be among the first in the world to actually see trolls!

Trollheimstunet is not only the place for little troll researchers, but also an easy-to-travel destination where family experiences are also made outside of troll research itself! For those of you who want to test out the simple hiking life, this is a perfect destination! Trollheimstunet is beautifully located by Langvatnet in Helgetunmaka, a perfect starting point for short and long trips on foot and in canoes. The restaurant in Trollavvoen offers a varied menu for small and large mouths, and in the area around the lavvoes there are lots of activities for children in the form of nature-based play equipment, games and toys. The area has many small, charming bases, each with its own fire pit, so that you have the opportunity to gather your family around the bonfire. In the restaurant, you can buy bonfire packages, where you get everything you need to light your own bonfire, and snack bags, so you can cook something tasty on the bonfire. For a keen fisherman, there are also nice trout in Langvatnet, you can borrow fishing equipment from us! If you get fish, we promise to provide butter and sour cream when you roast it on the fire!

In the restaurant in Trollavvoen, we have a simple but varied menu that is suitable for the whole family. Trollheimen flavors with seasonal ingredients meet local food traditions in our "bakels menu". "Bakels" is the local word for waffles, and our chef has created an exciting menu with different varieties of waffles. We also have some options in the form of today's baked goods. And for those of you who like challenges; it is possible to buy campfire packs and sausage packs, and simply go to cook your own food on the campfire pans outside. As for drinks, there are separate troll brews for both children and adults, where each of the Trollheimen trolls has made their very own drink. Just check the menu and try, if you dare?!

A true wizard researcher thrives in the field! If you want to spend several days in the Home of the Trolls, we have made it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors with simple and kreative accommodation solutions. Do you want to sleep over in a human size bird nest? Or in a distinctive nook on Fausk's place? Or maybe you want to test out our special hammock places with a fantastic view of Langvatnet? Here you are independent campers, and you manage yourself, but we happily contribute with tips for a nice night in nature! It is possible to rent hammocks from us for cheap, and if you camp near Trollheimstunet, you are free to use the toilets and campfires there.



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