Cross-country skiing in Oppdal

**Miles of skiing bliss**

From a historical perspective, Oppdal residents have never had a winter without skiing conditions. Never. This predictably makes it a great deal for cross-country people. But where does the ski trail run?

Storlidalen is spectacular and certain to have snow. This cross-country area sits all the way to the west in Oppdal and offers a fantastic mountain area that attracts both summit and cross-country skiers. Lønset and Storlidalen offer a trail network of approx. 70 kilometres. Which trails are prepared will vary throughout the season. See, look up Storlidalen – a fresh trail status can be found here. 
Magnificent alpine scenery provides for some truly memorable ski trips. An extra bonus is that Storlidalen is generally certain to have snow throughout the entire winter season – from November to April. 

If you want the proper mountain experience, go skiing in Skaret. You’re guaranteed snow in this beautiful valley, and there are plenty of cross-country ski trails from as early as November and far into April. Skiers of all ages use these trails. The main trail network is connected with central Oppdal, and further north towards Nerskogen. There are many possible trails in Skaret – along Skarvatnet Lake, up to Lundalen, or out to Gjevilvassdalsporten. Or ski on down to Grøtsætra, where you will find a café and sledding slope for the kids. The trails start from the parking lot at Skaret (cash payment only) or Grøtsetra (toll road).

From Oppdal centre the cross-country trail winds its way northeast towards Stølen and Fagerhaug. There are infinite opportunities for wonderful cross-country experiences here. Alone – or with others. Enjoy grilling hot dogs in sheltered forest terrain, or simply take in the experience of being far into the mountains. The Stølen and Fagerhaug area offers a wide range of nature experiences.
Along this trail you’ll find Guriberget, Oppdal’s most visited gapahuk (lean-to) during the winter season. A very popular trip for kids in gentle terrain, just north of Stølen Ski Centre. Some excellent, but longer, skiing destinations are Stavsjøen or Fjellskolen. The Vora Rundt round trip is also recommended. 

Easily accessible ski stadium at central Oppdal with biathlon facilities and an illuminated ski trail. Oppdal Ski Stadium was built through many volunteer hours by tireless members of the Oppdal Athletics League. The stadium was completed for the winter season of 2014/2015, and has since been expanded. Thanks to artificial snow production, Oppdal Ski Stadium typically first opens in November. The trail network is divided into several well-marked km-loops, the longest of which is 4 kilometres with a 3.3-km illuminated trail. The stadium also features a site with 30 shooting targets.