© Espen Storhaug

Beer tasting at Fæby farm brewery

Come and experience beer tasting at Fæby brewery with a tour of the brewery itself where you will hear about the brewing process and the ingredients that are part of it. Tasting beer while we talk about the different beers.

Beer tasting with or without food
For groups from 10 people
Examples of beer tasting packages – Fæby is happy to create a package especially for you and your needs. 
Five different beers : from NOK 300,-
Five different beers with finger food: from NOK 495,-
The taste of beer and food, three beers: from NOK 450,-
The taste of beer and food, five beers: from NOK 695,-

Fæby – where the food is decided by the beer 
Beer brewed at Fæby and food in perfect harmony composed by skilled chefs offers culinary experiences beyond the ordinary.

Welcome to Fæby!