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Our book universe Primstaven book and antique book shop is centrally located in Straumen, just behind the local Coop Extra and Shell petrol station. You will find us on the 1. floor in a large room bursting with fascinating books of all categories. 

In addition to being an independent book shop,  Primstaven Inderøy is also an antiquarian book shop. This means that in addition to buying all the new books that are available, you will also find a rich selection of old and exciting antiquarian books. You can drop by to buy exactly the book you are looking for, or wanderbrowse the shelves in search of a book treasure.

We have books in categories like health and lifestyle, hobby, philosophy, religion, music and art.

In addition to books, we feature beautiful literary posters, beautiful notebooks and crystals.
Are you a collector of LPs or a happy owner of the good old gramophone? We are in the process of building up an exciting collection of LPs.

In this unique book universe, we occasionally arrange concerts. Experiencing live music surrounded by books give you a very special atmosphere. Primstaven have hosted artists from both home and abroad.

The concert dates are posted on or website ……… and on our facebook page.

Primstaven arrange lectures with different speakers and topics.

What does the name Primstaven mean
A primstav is the ancient Norwegian calendar stick. These were engraved with images instead of runes. The images depicted the different nonmoving religious holidays.The oldest primstav still in existence is from 1457 and is exhibited at Norsk Folkemuseum.

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