Wild River Glamping

If you are looking for a unique accommodation experience, you can try glamping. High in a treehouse, or in an Artic Dome. Alone in a warm pine forest, with a view towards Trollheimen. Or why not experience the newest addition to Wild River Glamping – the charming A-frame cabin.

At Wild River Glamping, staying overnight is an experience. The wooden cabin, the A-frame cabin and the dome are safely located on a cliff in the forest where you really get the opportunity to fall asleep with the sounds of nature in your ears. Lie in a cozy bed and watch the starry sky without any other light noise. Enjoy your breakfast and watch the sun rise over Trollheimen. The accommodation options are built to withstand Norwegian nature and harsh weather.

What is glamping? Glamping is luxurious camping style with added conveniences. At Wild River Glamping you also get the forest alone, without other cabins and noise. It's called unique accommodation.

The season is from May to October and booking takes place directly on the website.

Their new A-frame cabin opens in May and is ready to welcome you throughout the summer and fall. Be one of the first to book for a simple, delightful holiday that blends comfort with the beauty of nature.