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Snåsa Fjellstyre (cabins)

Snåsa is one of the municipalities in Norway with the greatest area of Crown lands, nearly 1.4 million acres of forest, mountains and water. This represents almost half of Snåsa municipality. Stay in one of our 12 cabins; go fishing, hunting and hiking year-round.

Snåsa have excellent opportunities for all kinds of fishermen/anglers. With a single license, you can fish on all Crown lands in Snåsa, with nearly 2,000 lakes and many rivers to choose from. Trout is the most common fish species in Snåsafjella (Snåsa mountains), but in some lakes there is also the possibility of catching char and lake. If you want to try your hand at catching big fish, it is said that the higher up the mountain you go, the greater the chances of getting larger fish.

We (Snåsa Mountain Board) have 12 cabins attractively located in the mountains serving as a good starting point for hunting, fishing and hiking in summer and winter. This is self-catering cabins, which must be booked in advance. The cabins have all the equipment, and the only thing you need to bring is a sleeping bag, food and personal things. You can see the position of the individual cabins on this map. The cabins can be booked via inatur.no
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The cabins are equipped with a key cabinet with combination lock. More information about this and code can be found on the order confirmation from Inatur after completing the booking.

There is a boat at all the cabins, with the exception of Ryplihytta and Ytre Bangsjøhytta. The rowing boats are reserved for those who rent cabins. In addition, rowing boats can be hired individually at Grønningen, Langvatnet, and Ismenningen. In Leirsjøen in Lurudalen there is a boat available to use freely. Life jackets can be found in the shelter by the boat. We also have canoes for rent. Please contact us for more information.

Snåsa Fjellstyre also offers hunting for small game and big game.

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