Smegarden Camping

The camping site sits by E6 in Drivdalen, 8 km south of central Oppdal and 25 km north of Dovrefjell National Park. Smegarden Camping was established in 1969.

Smegarden Camping offers space for caravans, motorhomes and tents, as well as camping cottage rental. We rent out 15 camping cottages with 2, 4 or 6 beds. The size varies from 8 to 50 m2. The cottages are equipped with stove tops, refrigerators and cable TV. Other services offered are 10-channel cable TV connections for caravans/ motorhomes and free wireless internet access. The camping site features asphalted roads, sanitary facilities, a kitchen, a laundry room with washing machine, solarium, TV room and kiosk. Emptying station and water refill for motorhomes. The playground is equipped with a slide, swings, sandbox and trampolines. Smegarden Camping is surrounded by beautiful nature with high mountains and gorgeous valleys, and sits just next to the river Vinstra, a tributary to the river Driva. When you stay at the camping site, you can fish in the river for free and grill at our spacious gapahuk (lean-to). Season and full-year spaces for caravans are available. Smegarden Camping offers spaces for caravans, motorhomes and tents, as well as camping cottage rental.

Smegarden is a calm camping site in beautiful natural surroundings at Driva, 8 km south of Oppdal. Good sanitary facilities with everything you need, a small kiosk, playground and immediate proximity to marked skiing trails in both flat and steep terrain.