Røros Arctic Dome

At Engesvollen, on the shores of lake Aursunden, we offer an unforgettable arctic dome experience for two to four people. Experience the best of luxury glamping in a 23m²/250ft²  tent with a sky window and a panoramic view of the nearby lake and beautiful Vigel Mountains.

The dome is equipped with a roomy double bed, sitting area, heater, wash basin, kettle for coffee/tea, linens, and towels. The cosy dome atmosphere is equally well-suited for relaxing on intimate wedding nights as well as unwinding after a hunting or fishing trip. A unique experience awaits you here.

Food can be ordered. We offer breakfast and lunch packages of sustainably-sourced local fare. The “gapahuk”, a modernized traditional Norwegian lean-to, is also at your disposal. Here, you will find a well-equipped kitchen, a dining table with benches, a gas grill, and heat lamps.

Outside the dome, a tempting hot tub is only a small surcharge away.

For more information and reservations, visit our homepage www.rorosarcticdome-no