Gjevilvasshytta TT

As the gateway to the enchanted world of Trollheimen, the majestic Gjevilvasshytta stands proudly. Many consider it to be the most beautiful tourist cabin in the country, and it's no surprise that this TT cabin was voted Norway’s finest DNT cabin in 2020.

Gjevilvasshytta is a perfect base for hikes to the legendary peaks of Blåhø and Gjevilvasskamban. What could be better than lying in a soft bed after a long day in the mountains and being treated to cured meat and sour cream porridge? Here, you will experience a unique atmosphere that offers a glimpse into how life was in the past.

For many, Gjevilvasshytta is also the starting point for the “Triangle” trek in Trollheimen, a three-day journey where you first hike through the Nerskogen forest to Jøldalshytta in Rennebu, over the Trollhøtta or Geithøtta mountains to Trollheimshytta, and then back to Gjevilvasshytta. At Trollheimshytta, you can also hike all the way to Snota if you wish, and on the way back to Gjevilvasshytta, you can also visit Blåhø.

Gjevilvasshytta is the oldest preserved tourist cabin in Norway, built from solid timber. One of its buildings from 1819 is protected, and the timber used in the cabin dates back to 1739. This makes Gjevilvasshytta the oldest building in the country still in use as a tourist cabin, which in itself is worth the trip to Gjevilvassdalen. The cabin is popular with everyone, both young and old, but especially with families in the summer, as it is near the mountain beach Rauøra. A warm summer day at Rauøra offers a “southern feel” high in the mountains.

The cabin is staffed during the summer season, winter holidays, and at Easter. Additionally, it accepts bookings from school groups. There are a total of 64 beds, with a choice between a staffed section with running water and an unstaffed section without running water and with an outhouse. The cabin is open to all hikers. If you visit outside the staffed season, you will need to unlock it with a DNT key. You must be a member of DNT to have a key.

You can read more about Gjevilvasshytta and book accommodation here.