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Gjestloftet is a distinctive lodging option at Stiklestad.

Take a Journey Back to 1247 at Stiklestad National Cultural Center's Guest Loft

Stiklestad offers you the opportunity to stay in the unique Gjesteloftet on the farm of Stiklastadir. You and up to 5 other people can reside in the first floor of Gjesteloftet in the year 1247. Everything is set in an authentic medieval environment with tapestries adorning the walls, wall-fixed beds and benches, and a long table around which people gather. The beds are reconstructed from the medieval era and are shorter than today's standard. There are toilet and shower facilities, as well as a small dry kitchenette. Breakfast can be purchased additionally and served at Scandic Stiklestad. Bed linens can also be rented additionally.

While Stiklestad is renowned for the historic "Battle of Stiklestad" on July 29, 1030, this unique experience invites you to step into a different era and create your own enduring memories.

Prices per night per bed (valid for 1. May to 1. October 2024):
Pilgrim: from NOK 550,- (pilgrim pass must be presented)
Pilgrim including bed linens: from NOK 750,- (pilgrim pass must be presented)

Non-pilgrim: from NOK 750,-
Non-pilgrim including bed linens: from NOK 950,-

Breakfast: from NOK 245,- (Restaurant Skalden)
Bed linens: from NOK 200,- per set (sheet, duvet and pillowcase, as well as a large towel)
Packed lunch: from NOK 110,- (You have the opportunity to make your own packed lunch from breakfast)

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If you stay here during "Viking Summer at Stiklestad" (end of June to beginning of August), there is even more happening at the Medieval Farm Stiklastadir, and you'll be right in the midst of Viking activities.

The Stiklestad National Cultural Center opened the two-story medieval building known as Gjesteloftet to the public in the spring of 2016. It followed more than ten years of development, establishing the Medieval Farm Stiklastadir as a venue for portraying life and history during the transition from pre-Christian society to the Christian Middle Ages.

Prices listed are subject to change at any time. The price will be confirmed at the time of booking.


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