A wonderful food journey in Trøndelag

Trondheim has not looked back since the first Michelin stars twinkled over the city. Did you know that Trondheim-Trøndelag was the “European Region of Gastronomy” in 2022? You can go on an exciting food journey in Trøndelag.


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Are you searching for exciting food experiences? Well, this is something you can’t avoid when you visit Trøndelag. Here are our best tips for a memorable food journey in Trøndelag. Scroll down for a journey through a European food region.

As well as providing nourishment, food is so much more. Think about everything that accompanies the food…

The ingredients come from somewhere, whether it’s from a farmer who takes pride in growing vegetables, a farmer who knows that happy animals provide the best milk and meat or from a fisherman, diver or gatherer. The ingredients all have origins in the unique geology, soil and light conditions here in Trøndelag.

Foto: Øystein Moe/Helmet/Trondelag.com

Craftsmanship and traditions add history and unique stories to the food. The proud traditions that still characterise the food and beverage scene here Trøndelag date back more than 1,000 years. The artisans manage these rich traditions respectfully and creatively.

There is something special about coming to a place with a set table and a cosy and good atmosphere. You gain the expectation that memorable moments are about to be shared. The good hosts in Trøndelag take care of their guests by serving delicious food and drinks seasoned with good stories and knowledge about the ingredients.


The experience includes the aromas, sounds and flavours, not to mention the good conversations, photos and memories you take with you. Food is the very glue of society. It’s the urge to explore combined with a journey through knowledge and history. Yes, there is far more to food than just nourishment.

The gastro city of Trondheim

Countless stories have been written about the millennial city of Trondheim. However, the story about Trondheim as a food capital and gastronomic city is being written right now – and you can be a part of it. You can look forward to experiencing one gastronomic gem after the other in this exciting city. Trondheim is the “Home of Nordic Flavours”.


You will discover Michelin-starred restaurants like Speilsalen and Fagn, Norway’s best hotel breakfast and chefs and waiters/waitresses with national and international titles. You will be served the very best from the uncompromising farmer, fisherman, baker and scallop diver. The list is long, and you will find them in every nook and cranny of Trøndelag. In Trondheim, you will meet the people behind the gourmet gems, the chefs who have drawn inspiration and experience from world-renowned restaurants before moving back to the city and establishing their own concepts. They all share a special focus on sustainability, local ingredients and flavours that are honest to the soil and the sea. This results in wonderful food.

Exploring the culinary gems of Trondheim is not limited to the restaurants. The flavours stretch out onto the streets each year when the Trøndelag Food Festival and the Brewery Festival take place during the Trondheim International Olavsfest. The festival includes more than 200 food and drink producers, activities for children and entertaining cooking sessions. The atmosphere is amazing, while the aroma of food specialties and artisan food on every stall corner is reason enough to attend.

Local food worthy of a chieftain’s seat

Maybe the the Viking chieftains decided to settle in Innherred because of all the good food. We can only speculate about that, but we can assure you that visitors to Innherred can experience Viking history and extremely good local food and drinks. You can sample products from some of Trøndelag’s best local food producers along Den Gyldne Omvei (The Golden Road) and elsewhere in the region. Are you tempted to visit the farm Berg Gård where they grow caraway and make Inderøy aquavit? Or perhaps an award-winning cheese from the farm cheese factory Gangstad Gårdsysteri? If you travel to Steinkjer, we can highly recommend visiting the cultural farm Bjerkem and the gourmet restaurant Experience.

It’s natural to combine your local food journey in Innherred with a visit to Stiklestad. This is the site of the most important battle in Norwegian history. The Viking king Olav Haraldsson fell here in 1030 and became a saint a year later. Today, you can savour local food in the restaurant or attend events where unique medieval meals are served in the reconstructed longhouse and guest loft at the Stiklastadir medieval farm.

Foto: Marius Rua/Buckethouse

Marius Rua / trondelag.com

The local food capital of Røros

Amid a seemingly barren mountain and plateau landscape, you will discover the UNESCO World Heritage site and local food capital Røros. Owing to extensive local food production and good cooperation, the Røros region has created a food adventure without parallel.

The Røros region is world renowned for its food production and mining history. These complement each other well and enable you to get the most out of your visit to the “Mining Town”. We can highly recommend a visit to the mountain hotel Vauldalen, which serves specialties from the mountain region. If you visit the farm Galåvolden Gård, you can buy farm fresh products including eggs, meat and ice cream. In the centre of town, you can stay in comfort and eat well at Røros Hotel or Vertshuset. If you wish to be even better acquainted with the local food capital, we recommend going on a local food safari in Røros or the wider region.

It’s hard to discuss food from the Røros region without mentioning the well reputed Rørosmeieriet. This organic dairy factory produces high quality products in harmony with the nature and culture. Its history stretches back to 1856 when the Rausjødalen Setermeieri opened and became the first dairy cooperative in Northern Europe. Current products include Røros butter, Røros sour cream, “skjørost” (dry curd) and Tjukkmjølk (cured milk). Rørosmeieriet has a dairy outlet and online store. Visitors to the røsmeierierie can take part in a tour and make their own yoghurt, sounds exciting? We think so!

Sami culture has always been and remains a proud and important part of the local food traditions. Local producer Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri knows what they are doing, which is little wonder after 130 years of operation. You can buy products made from reindeer, moose, grouse and mountain fish at the farm shop or via the online shop. Check out Sami specialties at Rørosrein, where you can meet the animals and go reindeer sledding through the forest in winter.

We could easily write a whole article about Røros, but you need to come here and experience it for yourself. As mentioned, we recommend going on a local food safari!

Salty food experiences on Hitra, Frøya and Fosen

The islands of Hitra and Frøya are fresh, wild, salty – and very hospitable. You will experience the sea’s treasure trove and other coastal delicacies including crabs, shellfish, fish straight from the sea, local cheese, Old Norwegian sheep and venison. Wherever you go, you will encounter locals who are passionate about food production in harmony with nature. At Ansnes Brygger, you can enjoy the host’s seafood table accompanied by beer from the onsite brewery. If you head to Hotel Frøya, you can stay in a modern room with a view of the open sea, fill your plate from the tasty buffet and enjoy a drink in the sky bar.

If you travel further north to the Fosen peninsula, you will experience the sea, mountains and powerful stories. Fosen is a realm of contrasts. You can savour fresh blue mussels and the spectacle of modern architecture at popular and idyllic Stokkøya. For experiences that offer the best of the sea and surrounding mountains, you can go on a deep-sea fishing trip in the archipelago and then climb up the mountain Munken for a spectacular view of the Trondheimsfjord.

In days gone by, when the boats needed to seek shelter from the weather, they moored at Kuringen Bryggehotell. This place is still operating and serving local treats. The nearby Stokkøya Sjøsenter is known for its beach bar and unique architecture. Fosen Fjordhotel in Åfjord and Ørland Kysthotell in Brekstad serve local scallops, herring and other fish dishes. At the Heggli herb garden in Stadsbygd, you can go on guided herb walks and learn a lot about herbs for use in cooking.

Foto: Øystein Moe/Helmet/Trondelag.com

From the fjords to the mountains in the Stjørdal valley

Stjørdal is perhaps best known for Steinvikholm castle and the midnight opera but there are many food treasures to discover here too! The valley stretches from Stjørdal by the fjord to the mountain municipality of Meråker. If you add the neighbouring municipalities of Selbu, Tydal and Frosta into the mix, you can indulge in exciting activities and varied flavours year-round.

The traditional farm Hjelseng Gård offers many reasons to visit. You can visit the shop at the coffee roastery Langøra Kaffebrenneri, call in at Stolt Bryggeri, a craft brewery with a creative twist on local ingredients and traditions, or buy farm food at the farm shop. Other local farm food outlets worthy of mention include Gårdsbua and Poterampa along the E14 highway, Julseth Østre in Lånke and Steinvik Gårdutsalg at Skatval near the beautiful Steinvikholm castle. If you want to stay in an historic setting, we can recommend Ersgard, renowned for its good hospitality and raspberry-braised leg of lamb.

In Meråker, you will find wonderful food experiences at Kirkebyfjellet as well as at the mountain lodge Teveltunet right beside the Swedish border. The latter provides accommodation, delicious local food, beer from the onsite mountain brewery and is co-located with the popular Rypetoppen Adventure Park.

On the Frosta peninsula – Trondheim’s own kitchen garden, you will find farm shops and food specialties around every turn. If you drive through Selbu, we recommend stopping at the chocolatier “Jentene på Tunet” to taste what may well be Norway’s best chocolate. If you are looking for a multi-course local culinary experience, we can recommend the Einberget farm restaurant where the proprietor has converted the barn into a first-class restaurant that is receiving excellent feedback.

Food in a class of its own in Oppdal

With high mountains and green valleys, Oppdal is perfect for activities like hiking in magnificent nature. Did you know that Oppdal has Northern Europe’s most nutritious pastures combined with exceptional soil? This is expressed by lamb and the almond potatoes, which are in a class of their own.

If you see the label “Oppdal – Smak av Fjell” (Taste of the Mountain), you can rest assured you are buying local artisan food. One place to find these products is at the food hall, Smak og Behag, in the centre of Oppdal. Local producers will tempt you with everything from local Limousine burgers, cured meats and lamb products to jam and berries from the Oppdal mountains. It’s well known that food from the mountains has more flavour and taste different than other food.

If you are planning to stay overnight, we can recommend a rare mountain gem. At the end of the Storlidalen valley, “where the road ends – and everything begins”, you will discover Bortistu Gjestegård, known for its smoked leg of lamb. The historic mountain lodge Kongsvold Fjeldstue is situated in the mighty Dovrefjell mountains – the realm of the musk ox. In the village centre, you will find comfortable accommodation at Oppdal Turisthotell and Quality Hotel Skifer, both of which are good hotels with seasonal, local menus.

Foto: Oppdal Smak Av Fjell

Foto: Buckethaus / Marius Rua / trondelag.com

Diverse Namdalen

Beautiful and diverse Namdalen is known for it¨s nature but you can find plenty of food treasures among the region’s varied nature and culture! If you start your food journey in Rørvik, you can enjoy fresh saithe (coalfish) or cod for dinner and visit the Coastal Museum for an insight into the history of fishing on the Namdal coast.

You can taste local specialties such as salmon, cod, fishcakes, smoked fish and cured fish! When it comes food from the mountains, Namdalen offers local delicacies such as juniper-smoked mountain char, smoked ham, moose, organic lamb, sausages, LiBab (a delicious local reindeer variant of kebab with lingonberry cream), klenning (the local variety of the popular Norwegian sweet treat lefse) and flat bread. We can also mention the local cheese “Gammel Erik”, which has won several international awards. Pay a visit to Sjenkostova in rural Skorovass, where you can enjoy good food accompanied by fascinating stories about the mining operations here in the old days and choose between 500 types of beer and 170 types of aquavit.

Lush Orkland

In lush Orkland, knowledgeable farmers have farmed the land for generations. The animals have wonderful grazing pastures, which provides first-class milk and a golden opportunity for the farmers. The farmers, who know how to utilise the resources, make medal-winning cheeses and sour cream of Michelin quality. Distinguished craftsmanship has been preserved over generations. The river Orkla is noted for salmon, while the coast offers a plentiful supply of fish and Norway lobster of the finest quality.

Orkland offers fascinating history, which you can experience during a stay at the elegant manor Bårdshaug Herregård, which has been accommodating and serving guests from far and near for more than a century. Orkla Gjestebolig offers first-class food and accommodation in royal surroundings. Orkland neighbours the Trollheimen mountains, which means that you can combine good food experiences with wonderful nature-based experiences such as canoeing, hiking and dog sledding.

Foto: Kajsa Selnes

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